Reddcoin added to payment processor Cointopay

Hi all,

I just saw that Reddcoin is fully supported by Cointopay as of today.

Nice to see some adoption. However I’m a little confused by what stinks of scam with the pump ticket you can buy for 10ltc and be told when pumps and dumps will occur…

Anyone know anymore about that??

Dan What are you talking about? A scam with Cointopay or?

I was referring to this linked to from their Twitter

Sounds a little dodgy in my head?


Man, seriously that is a joke. We just wanted to see if people were interested. We never do any of that.

We just wanted to see if people were interested. We never do any of that.

Kind of a contradictory statement (spending time and bandwidth on something you’ll never do), but as long as you really steer away from that path it’s ok in my book.

And yup i know there is quite a big market for “P&D shares”.

The fact that it was so professionally implemented did not look like a joke to me.

Hopefully it really is however!

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As they say “the house always wins”, lol The whole crypto scene is one pump and dump, the VC backed companies are no exception. Artifically created realities, but we will not fall for it, in fact we added text to the pump and dump ticket, saying it was meant as a joke.


If you really think that all cryptocurrencies are good for is the occasional pump-and-dump, then why are you here? What I care about is that Cointopay is the payment processor that I use and Reddcoin is one of several cryptocurrencies that I accept for my writing services.

Anyway, wanted to mention that you can link up your exchange account to an autonomy account on cointopay. That way you can use our service as a proxy. How about that. Seems to be used amongst others with poloniex bittrex and bleutrade! Look up our docs on on how to do that.

cointopay thanks for the update

cointopay There are pump and dump incidents, but doesn’t that apply to all financial/investment assets ? The biggest example I can think of is the “peak oil” hype a decade ago which drove the price up to astronomical levels. And applying P&D to stocks is a standard MO for boiler room stock brokers. But to say that the crypto currency movement as a whole is a P&D scam is an inappropriate generalization imho. There is some $4 trillion of value in the crypto space, growing all the time in parallel with crypto adoption. This is one of those tides in human history that can not be turned back, making it a one way bet in the longer term, short term volatility excepted. Sure people get sucked into the marketing of dishonest or greedy altcoin creators, but every walk of life at every level encompasses the full spectrum of human character. So I’d suggest that voices expressing resentment at P&D schemes are in effect closeted geeks getting annoyed that the real world contains scum and villainy. But I see that as a good sign - a sign that the crypto space has evolved to become big enough that it’s time to say “welcome to the real world”.

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