Reddcoin and tipping discussion from Coinbrief

Fast-Forward to 1:00:00 for the mention of ReddCoin.

One question I’ve wondered about SideChains - is it possible to run a PoSV SideChain on top of bitcoin? Or is an alternate algorithm like this a good reason for an alt coin?

livefromheaven I think no one really understands How side chains really work… Pro Bitcoiners will see a huge down on prices since anyone can now buy bitcoins without exchanges in the midle… nothing against it but it will be a mess in the begining!

And after that happens what do you advertise? Bitcoin or reddcoin? I really would like to see how the majority of communities react to this… even for bitcoin comunity… and a concept in the works…

Everyone forgetting that bitcoin isn’t exactly decentralized due to huge corporate miners and POW? How do you sustain a side chain? What is motivation for devs? (honest questions)…,