Reddcoin Browser Wallet problem. Anyone interested?

Hello all,
I’m a newbie in this specific cryptocurrency. I wannna ask, if there is any update coming soon for the chrome extension (reddcoin browser wallet, cur. v.0.2, since Dec.2014). Many problems have been communicated to the developpers as i see from the forum, the developpers know that -even for small amounts- many coins are trapped inside the wallet and still there is no update 7 months now. You dismissed the project? If yes could you please make a guide to move our coins to another wallet?

Thank you for your time
I hope i get an answer soon


AXF Hi I have been able to use the Chrome Extension with not too many issues…but If you like down load the QT from and then either send the coins to your new wallet or wait for instructions from a Dev.

Best Redshift

Redshift It cannot sent the coins to my qt wallet, I tried. Thank you m8. I’m waiting for Dev support I guess…

AXF My question is where is the wallet.dat file stored? How much is in your Chrome wallet roughly? Can you receive coins? If you can post your wallet address here and I will do test send and see if you receive them. In the meantime download the QT Client and post me that address as well and I will send you some coins in the meantime to stake while the dev gets here to help.

I have downloaded the core(qt) installation and its synced. I just went on and tried the chrome wallet extension for learning purposes mainly and I sent there succesfully 1001 coins. So, no need to sent me any coins as it receives them succesfully. The problem is either moving from Tip Jar account to saving account or sending anywhere basically. I don’t know where wallet.dat is stored in the chrome extension version. I know where it is in the QT application. I m very careful postin my addresses in forums. I will sent them to you , privately.
Thank you for your time

AXF 25000 sent Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 7 nodes
Date: 23/07/2015 05:10

Debit: -25 000.00 RDD
Net amount: -25 000.00 RDD
Transaction ID: 0825de4158c91f1534da1a83df173a53e15a10da60a3816d155f64b386f9c21d

Redshift Coins arrived succesfully to my QT wallet. Thanx for for that. Now we only miss a Dev for the chrome extension…:slight_smile:

AXF Good stuff, People are busy with their regular lives…so I am sure they will get to it, What I would do is remove the exstention and try and reinstall it and see if that helps…it doesn’t then well those coins will be lost in the block chain forever. Do it any way send me the address for the new wallet and I will send you 1000 Reddcoins and we will see if the new install behaves badly as well.


I sat down the last two days trying to troubleshoot this problem I had-and many other people have, probably you should revoke the chrome extension for the time being- and today I managed to move the coins that were trapped there to my QT account. How I did that?


  1. I installed a portable version of Chrome, an much older version of it, preferably from 2014.
    2.There I installed the extension.
    3.I allowed popups(chrome settings>advanced>privacy>content settings>allow popups
    4.I imported my wallet using the seed i ad and the password from my problematic installation.
    5.In extension settings I set “Disable payment Prompt” to the highest value.
  2. and finally I was able to sent the trapped coins to my QT wallet.

7. I removed the chrome extension leaving 1 coin to be lost in cyberspace.

That was it folks.
I hope for the reddcoin to thrive as a social currency, needs much better browser intergration then this. Thank you Redshift for your precious time and care.


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AXF Well this is good news thanks for posting your tips