->What is reddcoin.conf<-

reddcoin.conf is a configuration file for reddcoin and reddcoind. You can find it (or create it if its not there) in the same folder as your wallet.dat. This is usually in:

Windows Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Reddcoin
Linux: /home/<user>/.reddcoin
Mac OSX: /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin

->Sample reddcoin.conf<-

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->Options for reddcoin.conf<-

->Add these, one per line, to your reddcoin.conf file to use.<-

->1. ~Connect With a Socks4 Proxy~<-

example: proxy=<-

->2. ~Run on testnet~<-


->3. ~Add Nodes (connect to specific peers)~<-


->You can add as many of these as you want<-

->4. ~Connect (connect to specific peers ONLY)~<-


This will connect to the peers specified and no other peers!
Like addnode you can set as many of these as you want

->5. ~Generating Coins~<-

->If you want reddcoins to try to generate coins use: gen=1
This is not needed with PoSV<-

->6. ~Disable/Enable Staking~<-

->To disable: staking=0
To enable: staking=1
Your wallet will stake even if it is not set to 1 as long as it isn’t set to 0.<-

->7. ~Maximum Connections~<-

example: maxconnections=10
This defines the max number of inbound ~and~ outbound connections<-

->8. ~Accept or Decline RPC commands~<-

->To accept use: server=1
To decline use: server=0<-

->9. ~RPC Username and Password~<-




->This is used for connecting to the wallet via RPC. It is recomended you make these ~both~ very long and complicated as in most cases you do not need to remember them<-

->10. ~Allow ip Addresses for RPC~<-

example: rpcallowip=
localhost is only allowed by default. It is ~not~ recommended to allow access outside your local network as he rpcpassword is transmitted unencrypted. You can set as many of these as you want as well. <-

->11. ~RPC Connect~<-

example: rpcconnect=
This allows you to use your wallet as an interface to a reddcoind at another IP. Make sure the remote reddcoind allows the IP of the connecting wallet<-

->12. ~RPC Port~<-

example: rpcport=45443
This is the TCP port reddcoind will listen for RPC calls on. The default port is 45443<-

->13. ~Secure RPC (TLS/HTTPS)~ <-

->Only for using with TLS/HTTPS: rpcssl=1
When using rpcssl=1 you also set the following:
(Sorry I do not know much about these. maybe someone else can help here.)<-


->14. ~Pre-Generate Key Pairs~ <-

example: keypool=500
This can help make your back-ups be reliable for longer periods of time<-

->15. ~Set TX Fee~<-

example: paytxfee=1<-

->16. ~Minimize to Tray Instead of Taskbar~<-


->17. ~Execute Command When the Best Block Changes(new block)~<-

example: blocknotify=./ %s
%s is replaced by the block hash<-

->18. ~Execute Command When a Wallet Transaction Changes~<-

example: walletnotify=./ %s
%s is replaced by the TXID
This is triggered on Incoming transaction, first confirmation, and an outgoing transaction.<-

->19. ~Execute Command on Stake~<-

example: stakenotify=./ %s
%s is replaced by the TXID<-

->20. ~Execute Command on Relevant Alert~<-

example: stakenotify=./ %s
%s is replaced by a message/alert<-


->Let me know if I missed anything or got something wrong! I’m only human!<-

I actually recommend against including addnodes in your reddcoin.conf file except for in very particular circumstances. These circumstances primarily pertain to new coins with small networks. Since the Reddcoin network is quite established and a connection to other nodes generally goes off wihout a hitch, I firmly believe in letting the software decide which nodes to add, and not force it to connect to any one specific node.

EDIT: And more strongly, I highly recommend against using “connect” in place of addnode.

bigreddmachine well then I will remove them from the sample (;

Is there any real downside to using them? or just no upside?

iisurge said:

bigreddmachine well then I will remove them from the sample (;

Is there any real downside to using them? or just no upside?

Well, the downside to using addnode is just that you are placing a good bit of faith in a few number of nodes. If everyone does this, the network is arguably not as decentralized.

OTOH, using connect means you are placing 100% of faith in those nodes, and furthermore are not helping the rest of the network by not allowing anyone to connect to your node to help validate the blockchain.

So, I would say I “recommend against” using addnode, and I “strongly urge against” using connect.

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iisurge There is a good explanation of using rpc over ssl in the reddcoin wiki:

Please add the following to your list too:

blocknotify=<cmd>  Execute command when the best block changes (%s in cmd is replaced by block hash)
walletnotify=<cmd>  Execute command when a wallet transaction changes (%s in cmd is replaced by TxID)
stakenotify=<cmd>  Execute command when a coinstake transaction is created (%s in cmd is replaced by TxID)
alertnotify=<cmd>  Execute command when a relevant alert is received (%s in cmd is replaced by message)
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ReddcoinRocks added the notifications. Will look at ssl thing tomorrow, really tired right now

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