Reddcoin Core v2.0 Ubuntu 16.04 Installation - Cloud Staking

Hello fellow Reddheads,
Today I will present you a tutorial on how to condone in the wonders of cloud staking. As I noticed there was no up to date tutorials that were easy to follow and accessible. I had good fun writing this in , as I need to practise it for the upcoming college year anyways. If you need help drop me a PM and i shall help you address it, please do look into more droplet security like PermitRootLogin options as this can help strength your cloud from attacks.
If you are a student you are entitled to a FREE $50 credit for DigitalOcean , that’s 10 months of staking for free! ->

Tutorial ->

If you feel like tipping me for my work my address is in the author title :slight_smile:
Happy staking!