Reddcoin Debit card!!

Ever wanted to use Reddcoin for real world purchases and transactions?

What an amazing service and addition for Reddcoin, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Gnasher this is what i have been talking about :smiley:

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Reddcoinnoob the future’s looking bright eh

Gnasher ya but rddcoin value had got a big drop recenlty, like -400K cad $…why, whats happening, the total capital of rdd was worth 1million not long ago

Reddcoinnoob Poloniex exchange decided to give all the Reddcoin business to Bittrex and others.
Was a bit of a panic sell off

Gnasher ah, ok it should stablize soon. Guess il try to get some rdd when they are more cheap lol
I met someone who has 3 billion rdd that he got for free when reddcoin started… lol

my jaw droped. when he was not staking that miuch XD

Reddcoinnoob I expect the price to stabilize, but also need to wait for the run on Bitcoin to complete

кто хочет за работать заходи и