Reddcoin Development

Hello, I have been a user of Reddcoin for long time. I am a software developer in need of something to pass the time. I really would love to contribute to Reddcoin’s development and maybe release something that will be in need. I have a few ideas at first but most of them have already been done, or are coming soon.

I thought the best thing to do is to ask you guys! What do you think Reddcoin needs? I have a lot of spare time on my hands now that my course has finished and I would love to fill the gap.

Any idea’s inbox me, or post your idea!

You would do well to make contact with laudney :slight_smile:

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I will. He seems very busy haha.

Galironfydar It seems like you might be able to help ease his load :wink:

Just because something is done doesn’t mean you can’t do it better. If you had an idea you can still do it, just make it better than what’s already out there. Your own little touch if you will.


Have you checked out this idea? From my understanding it should be not too much work to create a open source linux disrtribution that can be setup on a Raspberry Pi with only few clicks so many people can get into Reddcoin minting with ease. I can design fancy cases for this endeavor and will post my own ReddPi in a while.

Galironfydar what’s your current development expertise and interests?