Reddcoin Devs Attention!! Brand New Plan.

Redd Coin Devs. This is up to You.

Voluntary program. To lower Under Pain Athletes of ALL Sports and All Performers, Singer, Actors, musicians, Bloggers, twitters’, anyone Who can Voluntarily promote Reddcoin and will ask the public for Reddcoin Tips. Let them Know This is a Band New way of getting Paid. If it works the Over Paid will come Begging to get in on the Voluntary Program. FANS will buy Reddcoin to tip their Hero’s.

But It Must COME From The Top Reddcoin People to work.

Ok “Make Something Happen” (M.S.H.) It’s up To You!

Just Think what it could do for Special Olympics athletes and school sports teams. it could get them new equipment, school bands. social Tipping That you designed the coin for will Gladly get on Board for the Ride. Make Something Happen! ( M.S.H.)

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I Have laid this out for Dogecoin also… So we can compete Reddcoin & Dogecoin, You Know Like Coke and Pepsi, Red Bull & Monster energy. Just a Friendly competition to Make it Fun! It Will Benefit Us ALL!!

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