Reddcoin Escrow service

I am building a website that will allow users to post jobs and hiring requests. The payments will be done with Reddcoin. I feel that it is too early for a proper and verified Reddcoin escrow service to show up and as a result I am considering other options.

The simple way to go around it is to ask users to handle this on their own. I will do my best to provide a tutorial on how they can go about it and provide a review system for each user in order to build trust. However, I still think that this is not a proper solution.

I made this topic as I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about this issue. Do you see a way around it? Is there anything else I can do to help so that fraud actions can be minimised even further or totally prevent them?

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This might be a use case for 2of3 multisig addresses
it still requires an intermediary (the 3rd approving) but helps minimize the fraud

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Gnasher Thank you!

To be honest I was not aware of 2of3 multi-signature. I researched about it. Cheers!