Reddcoin Game to bring awareness and fun to the masses

Hey everyone! I’m a game developer (HipstaFox) and recently just discovered Bitcoin from a popular game on the AppStore and Playstore- Bitcoin Billionaire. The game made me familiar with Bitcoin and I wanted to be a “Bitcoin Billionaire” in real life!

After doing research on most of the popular Cryptocurrencies, Reddcoin was the one that called out to me because of it’s mission and awesome community. I was thinking of a way to contribute with the community and I was thinking creating a game similar to Bitcoin Billionaire could be the answer! It would not only help educate the masses about Reddcoin, but actually make it fun to use!

Core gameplay:

-Tap to tip people and receive points. Tapping deducts your RDD but you get bonus RDD more frequently.

-Spend points to create content like YouTube videos, Twitch streams, Pinterest images and earn RDD passively.

-Staking earns RDD passively.


My goal for the game is that after people play it, they have an overwhelming urge to use Reddcoin and tip as many people as possible with it! I want people to feel empowered when they tip other people, and feeling empowered when they receive tips as well.

Community Ideas

Please respond with some things you’d like to see in a game like this :slight_smile: Also let me know if you’d like to join me in making this game a reality!

Special Shoutout
Thanks Oliver and the Reddcointalk community for helping me understand Reddcoin and making me feel welcome!

Update 1/9/2015
Just to clarify to everyone, this is an educational game. ~You are not using real RDD in the game .~ This is to help people understand the mission and the reason for Reddcoin - a Social Tipping platform. In the game you tap to tip, but you receive “feels” as a reward. You use your “feels” to create content ~in the game.~. This content (facebook posts/ youtube videos etc) will earn RDD passively which you can use to tip more = more “feels”. You’ll also receive bonus RDD periodically.

I am developing on Unity and I started on it yesterday :slight_smile: It’s looking pretty good! I’ll probably have a really simple prototype by next week. I’m starting it as a browser game just so it’s easier to link on the internet and gain exposure. It will be completely free to play and I’ll just have a reddcoin tip button to help support me.

Update 1/15/2015
I’m about 75% done with the game!

After a week I’ve got the basic gameplay working:

  • Tap to tip & earn Influence

  • Create content on social networks to earn RDD passively

  • Upgrade your tap level and earn more Influence per tap.

  • Donate to organizations/causes and earn substantial Influence

  • Missions and rewards

  • Messages and bonuses

  • Saves to browser data

Upcoming features:

  • Tutorial

  • Achievements and rewards

  • Settings

  • Store (buy things for your office)

Once I get the tutorial up and running, I’ll have it up to play on the site! Here are some screenshots:

Tipping by tapping and earning Influence
Create content on social networks and earn RDD

m3ndi3 I have to say that I’m hooked by the bitcoin game. I made it to 5MB/s.

This would be awesome to make and the social channels that they have inside the app! Amazing!

The social economy is better than mining. it is more like seeing good content and get earned reddcoins. I’m not a games person SOOO it is addictive enough to check it out!

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I like the idea, it reminds me of dogerain app except this seems to have more point in it. However, there are a few things I’d like you to clarify.

  • In order to get points, you’d either have to wait for tips or transfer some to your account?
  • How do you know people create content? Do you have to link the game account to youtube/twitch/pinterest? Does the content have to be related to Reddcoin in anyway?
  • Spending time on gathering points to spend more time to create content doesn’t encourage people to create content. Why not just reward them for creating that content straight away?

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • The tipping could function more like a faucet; your tips go to a pool and the coins slowly drip to the players, for example 1 coin every 10 seconds
    • More sustained payouts to the players
  • You can stack the coins up to certain limit when you’re offline.
    • No need to be always online to gain something (unlike in dogerain app)
    • Encourages players to return to the app
  • Earn RDD by sharing on twitter/facebook/instagram etc.
  • Part of the advertising revenue would be put back into the pool to create a positive feedback loop

Toxip Could it be an android app? Wasn’t it forbidden to be considered as in app payments? :slight_smile:

Dogerain works pretty much the same way and it’s still there in google play. Besides if cryptocurrencies aren’t considered as money by the governments, how could it be an in app payment? I don’t see any problem with this.

Absolutely love this idea!’

Do you do native platform development for you games, or use another 3rd party solution for cross platform support?

Sounds like a great idea!
I would love to see a real cross-platform game… Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Will it be based on unity? You could extend it step by step to a lot of systems and devices.

Oliver : As far as I know buying App-Features/Add-ons outside the AppStore is prohibited on every platform. At least tipping of other players should be no problem.

Toxip haha maybe I didn’t make this clear but you’re not actually using real RDD etc in the game… This game is just to educate the masses about “Social Tipping” and how it can benefit the internet and ultimately the world in the long run. raid5 ReddcoinRocks I am using Unity and starting it out as a browser game. If it gains traction and love, then I’ll port it to iOS and Android :slight_smile:


So that’s how it is. I’d love to see a version for Sailfish OS but no Unity support for it yet. You could however promote faucets for those who are interested in getting their hands on some Reddcoins.

Toxip Yup definitely! I’ll for sure be linking back to all the reddcoin websites and faucets to get people started :slight_smile:

I was curious if this we using real reddcoin or not. I was also curious about if the bitcoin game used real bitcoin or not. Either way, education is key. Whereas the (way too in depth) game that I want to build, which I hope perhaps you’d contribute to m3ndi3, would actually allow players to use RDD within the game. It’ll be a browser game at first, and eventually I can port it to pretty much every version of gaming platforms available, except for iOS and Android because I need the full version of Unity and don’t have $1500 just kicking around… :frowning: Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford the Unity Pro…

bmp02050 I am definitely not going to try and deal with trying to use Reddcoin in games yet, it’s simply beyond my limitations :slight_smile: I just wanted to make a simple and easy to make game to educate people. This game can probably be done within a month and can be used as a tool to gain traction.

To answer your question, Bitcoin Billionaire does not use real bitcoin in the game. They monetize by having in-app purchases of buying their own in-game currency (gems) as well as people opting to watch video ads for rewards. I am not trying to do anything complicated so far, just want to push out the minimum viable product first :stuck_out_tongue:


m3ndi3 I really think you could add some certain value to the Reddcoin ecosystem by creating the type of game you are discussing.

Interesting idea, never knew about the Unity game engine until now either. Almost gives me a reason to reinstall my Maya Unlimited and Adobe Creative Suite and start playing with model design again.

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New updates posted on original thread! I think the game will definitely be playable by the beginning of next week :smiley:


m3ndi3 This is looking amazing so far!

iisurge Thanks :slight_smile: I’m having so much fun with it haha and I’m learning so much too! (This is the second game that I’m making all by myself :P)


m3ndi3 It’s looking really good can’t wait to give it a try.

A Reddcoin Billionaire type game is a really great idea, m3ndi3. I played through the game on iOS and have seen the power of persuasion that game has emboldened upon random people to check out Bitcoin and get into it/research it.
Keep in mind, that game is very fictitious and teaches nothing about a Bitcoin, your idea once on iOS and Android alone would push untold amounts of people to get involved with Reddcoin.