reddcoin going down!

i mean the value of the value is going down! wtf happened? how can we bring the reddcoin back up? our coi shouldn’t be destroyed by the bitcoin, so try stand up.

Cryptocurrency is very volatile unfortunately. You just need to give it time. The more it is adopted and accepted, the more value it will gain. Do your part and tell people and help create new Reddcoin services, etc.

Reddcoin IS growing.


Almost every project are going down in value/interest lately.

I am ok with the way ReddCoin is performing.
I am making 5% while ever my wallet is open.

However, watching the price of bitcoin is interesting,
I have a few of these little guys also.

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it went up about 5 sats and went back down 2, lets try not to over dramatise things


Dont dwell on the price and bitcoin dependency so much. Reddcoin has a usecase, has the devs to accomplish it, and isent as politically/financially disruptive as bitcoin tries to be.