Reddcoin.... going so well!

I love Reddcoin. I love that I have 200000 of them and that on day they will be worth sweet fuck all! Its funny that communities like these only want to talk about positive RDD points to help drive up the price… but deny this fact and state they only love the technology and don’t care about the money!.. BULLSHIT.
The Reddcoin team needs to sort out their poor communication skills and stop hidding behind their loyal community. Untill you sort your shit out RDD… I’m gonna continue to speak my mind and supply endless bags of dicks for you all to eat! Yummy… sounds delish!

OK good luck with that

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Fruchocs you have 200k and already start whining like a little bitch. Like I said before: Cash out, you don’t deserve to earn anything, little man.

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Poke… lol

Fruchocs : “I’m gonna continue to speak my mind”… Seems there’s not much new in your mind, your posts get pretty repetitive. Sometimes you garnish your moaning with words like “dick” or “shit” and a bucket full of exclamation marks, helping people to sort them out quickly while looking for constructive posts. With your 200K you really are a small “investor”, I can tell you. This is disproportianate to your loud and negative posts.

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Fruchocs you just sound silly

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Fruchocs funny to see you hate on reddcoin but still put your wallet adress under all your posts, hypocritical fuck.

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huebby It must really be draining pretending to be happy with how rdd conducts themselves. Infact everyone who replied to this by having a go at me should go knock on the devs doors and ask to have some of those bags of dicks I sent them. That way you can all go eat bags of dicks.

Fruchocs : OK, one last time I give it a try: “The devs”, consisting of people contributing to the idea and community voluntarily with their spare time made up a roadmap for the coin. They stick to it as far as possible and everything is fine. They even actively communicate with people who are interested in the development. And they are doing a great job. You, on the other hand, do nothing but scream because you expected to get rich quick by buying a handful of RDD and now freak out because the price is not raising as quick as you dreamt of. That’s pretty much it. If you are not able to cope with price fluctuations in this speculative environment then altcoins is not for you. No one owes you anything, this is not a company.

Fruchocs All I can say is I will be trying to build our own developer services at a project we call reddbank. We want to see this succeed but as I have stated no one owns Reddcoin this is volunteer developement and general management not a privately owned company.

Fruchocs is best ignored!

Hi. I’m a new, small “investor” and yes, Fruchocs sound like a child, but I actually think he has a point. The first thing I do when I research a new coin is to look at the website and when I didn’t found a team (or the main volunteer devs) or a roadmap and saw that the last blog post was from half a year ago I got a bad feeling (which went away when I researched deeper and saw the great community here on reddcointalk). I just think everyone would benefit if that info was easier to find on the site. And maybe take the blog down since we have reddcointalk?
Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:
Have a great day.

Hi im Fruchocs… Im a child and learnt how to wipe my bumb today… oh, with the RDD whitepaper…

Mate you have only 200k and crying like a baby, I’ve seen someone with 140mil recently and, they are not complaining. Get a grip, at least be patient till end of Q3 as promised by the devs, or just sell out. Quit taking it out on people who are actually working hard for the community.


alt text

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gotta wonder if Reddcoin is a legit operation & coin…implosion all of a sudden big time 50% drop…whose pumping and dumping…doing heavy PR and then pulling the rug out ? There wallets are archaic and need serious damage control and upgrades…they left it to the customers to figure it all out… they got a good presentation regarding social media coin but don’t see anything going on with it… could be scam coin…and the guys behind the curtain just pulled millions off the table… maybe their hard work bullshitting on Twitter & Reddit paid off…not bad for about 2 weeks work drumming it all up and then BAM… just implodes… within 3 - 5 hrs…