Reddcoin help for Nepal

What you think about organise charity collection for earthquake victims in Nepal?
Maybe somebody of you know some NGOs who collect cryptocoins for victims of natural disasters? Is great opportunity to use our Reddcoin to help someone and promote RDD.

How you see this? You have any suggestions?

This is the delegate of the Red Cross in Nepal please sent a email or try to call if someone get an answer befome me let us know.


ICRC delegation
Meen Bhawan
Naya Baneswor
GPO Box no. 21225

Phone: (++977 1) 410 72 85, 410 72 79
Fax: (++977 0) 41 071 37

Head of delegation: Ms KOJIC Dragana
Media contact person: Mr CHALISEY Krishna Chandra
Mobile: (++977) 985 103 46 38
Languages spoken: English/French

I try to send this email below but I think because I have a hotmail account the server did not allow me to send it please try to send by an official email or maybe someone can call to try to get other email address Mobile: (++977) 985 103 46 38
Languages spoken: English/French
Phone: (++977 1) 410 72 85, 410 72 79
Fax: (++977 0) 41 071 37

Hello Ms KOJIC Dragana or Mr CHALISEY Krishna Chandra

I am part of a community of a new tecnology enthusiasts called REDDCOIN we would like to help people in NEPAL trought the donation of our cryptocurrency which is Money online which can be transfered from anywhere in the world in just a few minutes and can be exchanged for USD by different websites.

Please just go to where you can find a open discusion to try to find alternatives to help the country if possible leave us a message whit a few ideas.

If you go to you could get the sofware which will allow you recieve the donations we are going to help you in any step by the forum.

careful people, looks odd ^

RddStacker From checking Google it looks like the correct address you should write to is

In my opinion I have too small experience with RDD to coordinate this action. It should be someone else. I can help with promotion this campaign.

I got this email will make easy go ahead with the campaign if a devenloper can help us to contact them.

Good morning,

Please email with your query. This is a Geneva-based unit at ICRC’s headquarters that will be able to direct your question.

Kind regards,

ICRC Canberra