Reddcoin - History of the First Year BOOK

A book about the first year of Reddcoin was published on the 29th June this year. It can be found on Amazon in two formats; a black&white interior or a colour interior version. Here is the cover:

Please leave a review on Amazon if you bought and have read the book. Thank you

Tyke, have you thought about doing an E-book edition?
I would like to purchase a few copies and give them away as prizes in a new Trivia Challenge.
If you give me the price in Reddcoin for 5 copies I will send you the funds and then if you would be so kind as to hold them and ship them to the winners or alternatively ship them to me in the UK and I will do the dirty work.
PM me the costs for 5 copies plus shipping in Reddcoin and I’ll give you my address or…you figure out what it will cost to ship 5 copies to winners…and I’ll buy them and we can do a Trivia Challenge w the Grand Prize Winner needing the book to answer the question


Redshift is that the black&white or colour version? Unfortunately, I do not have the initial fiat funds to purchase five copies :frowning: It is a great idea though :slight_smile:

Tyke I will have to sort this out…then what I was hoping was to get signed copies to give as prizes.
Colour version for the Grand Prize, probably…