Reddcoin ID, develompents, wait until Q3 or Q4...

I’m my readings on I found that ReddCoin-ID its released in version 2.0… but also that developments it’s under his way for v 2.1 for end of Q3… now it’s only developments for Reddcoin-ID or for “other things” for improve the coin or make better? Thoughts… ? Kindest Regards!

TigerUperCut : Not sure if you’re mixing up Redd-ID and Reddcoin Core 2.1?

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huebby you got me… yes I mix those (my bad)… posts state that Q3/Q4 will be for reddcoin release projects… hopping the best!

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Can’t wait.

To clarify, Redd-ID in Q3 2017, Reddcoin Core 2.1 in Q4 2017. Note that everything in Reddcoin Core needed by Redd-ID was rolled out in Reddcoin Core 2.0 almost exactly one year ago.