Reddcoin logo found in coinleap video

Coinleap is fresh (they are lounching in 4 days) multi-coin platform that suports OAUTH 2.0 and gives you the power to work with API’s. Just seen their video. At 1:30 you can see reddcoin logo, apparently they are adding us soon link text

miha omg so sad… they totally cut it off !! The hell?? They take so much time drawing dogecoin, then show the three coins for like 5 seconds, then transition out… Reddcoin is like “hey guys sorry I came late… heey wait up!”

m3ndi3 i haven’t seen it in this way, they are probably hard working on lounching their project so they haven’t managed to add us but they will do it soon.

miha actually it’s sadder than that… they purposefully covered Reddcoin’s logo and just forgot to transition the blocker [Gyazo] so saaad :< :<

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Coinleap is the project of ReddAPI, right?

artiscience Ah that makes sense! He made that video before and blocked us out after the drama!

artiscience said:

Coinleap is the project of ReddAPI, right?

I can not confirm that as i don’t know much about it, just found it out


I think he announced it in some thread, but I don´t remember where exactly.

m3ndi3 Unsure about that. I don´t see why he should have a personal agenda here. The more currencies are supported the more impact will be there. Most people who are offering services are pragmatists. The video is pretty crappy, I hope the service is going to be better than that :frowning:

artiscience Proof: This is their video December 9

m3ndi3 hehe :smiley: okaj this is kinda stupid

miha Confirmed… I just checked back my Reddit messages when I wanted to beta test ReddAPI’s new product… He sent me an invitation to /r/coinleapprivatebeta

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It’s Shane from ReddApi. Don’t be sad, it’s only an online wallet. I’m not sure how, but according to him, it’s suppose to be safer than keeping your own private keys like every single wallet currently available.

/r/Bitcoin really dislike the idea, no wonder…

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Reddcoin said:

/r/Bitcoin really dislike the idea

they dislike everything that shows promise to be better than bitcoin

Reddcoin haha yup totally saw that today I just didn’t connect them together til now lol… it’s ok I’m not sad about us not being there since it does seem scammy, I’m just sad of the total hackjob editing :<

Just be aware… this is the same guy who made ReddAPI, still looks like a great service tho

People in the r/bitcoin thread are already pointing out all the unprofessional inconsistencies. All of that, plus the ReddAPI fiasco… I don’t know how anyone could really rely on this.

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livefromheaven Character displayed in the RED API affair makes me reticent to get involved in any project said personage is involved in. BLACK MAIL threats and the seemingly malicious closure seem predicated on damaging and punishing the community and coin as a whole. Coin Leap can take a flying leap. Never see one thin dime of my money ever