Reddcoin Lottery

How hard would it be to insert 6 random numbers from 1 to 65 into a transaction? Then on a certain day, say every Friday, 6 random numbers can be generated and broadcast to the network. Anyone who has “bought a ticket” (i.e. sent 10k RDD to a RddLotteryblahblahblah address with 6 random numbers) and has those numbers wins!

bmp02050 You could make a micro transaction with a comment with the numbers in it,

Convertor That’s what I was thinking, although micro transaction is not the ideal situation. For example, I have my website ( and I’m going to put up a page. On the page there will be a few fields, such as “Select numbers” or let the user select to randomly generate 6 numbers between 1 and 65 inclusive, without repeating any numbers. The user then clicks “Purchase” and it requests a payment. Then the payment is sent to the Lottery Address. Just before the payment is sent, the user’s selected numbers get combined in the comments. The payment is then split up, with a percentage going to the site and the rest going into the lottery fund. Then on Friday or Saturday, the page generates 6 random numbers between 1 and 65 and whoever has all of them wins the jackpot. If people have 3 numbers they win 3x what the “ticket” value, 4 numbers, 4x ticket value, 5 numbers, 5X ticket value. That way, the lottery will have enough to cover any winners, cover a jackpot winner and still have some profit to use to promote reddcoin.

Edit: The page will also have to look at the transactions against the address and make sure it’s only awarding payments to transactions that have come in within the last 7 days, to prevent a person who picked numbers 3 months ago from winning the drawing of the week.

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bmp02050 Its doable, shouldn’t take long time to create in PHP, Feel free to ask for help, I’m always happy to help fellow reddheads :slight_smile:

Instead of making the user picks the numbers at start, you could make them include the numbers in the comment.

There is many ways of doing this.

Convertor I shall then ask for help. Shoot me an email @ or and let’s talk.

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bmp02050 I’ll send a mail in few secs :slight_smile:

We can also chat here on the forum, or on IRC :slight_smile:

Convertor Oh yeah, i forgot about those.

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I’ve got a general point out of the context of your conversation but I’m just going to throw it in there seeing as the overall subject is games. Mostly for bmp02050

I think the crypto space is saturated with gambling games. I don’t know what you’ve got planned so please don’t get offended but IMO endless gambling games are not attractive.

What would be seriously cool would be an online arcade of classic games such as packman, space invaders, etc. which you can play two-player… and toss Redd into a pot that the winner gets.

I don’t think the idea need be more complicated than that -

  • Classic games everyone knows

  • Two-player online

  • Redd payouts to the winner (maybe based on points) from the pot the winner and loser pay into

I’m not a programmer but I believe things would be made easier by the fact that the source code for all these old games is available freely (couldn’t post the links I’d found as automatically flagged as spam by forum).

Of course all that is easy to say, coming from someone who doesn’t code, but what do you think?

EDIT: even if not two-player, the pot could simply be awarded to the highest points scorer on the points board after a round


reddibrek shhhh…be vewy vewy quiet…

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