Reddcoin Multipool

This is not something new, but i think that it should be addressed once and for all. Even in the post-PoW era.

A RDD multipool would have multiple benefits in my opinion. It would not only lower pressure on the sell orders (even though price ≠ value, never forget that), it would also attract quite a few people that are hobbiyst miners like myself and want something more than 0.00x coins - and pool fees could provide some funding. Scrypt mining won’t just disappear that soon.

Anyway i’m not here to list the pros and cons of spending days worth of man-hours working on this, i’m doing it so there’s feedback from anyone who wants to chime in.

(but imho, i can only see “pros”, at least as things stand now)

Well there used to be a multipool that paid out in redd. I don’t know what happened to it though.

Hashcows pays out in RDD. That said, I’m having issues connecting to their site right now to confirm they still do.

raid5 hashcows has shut down.

iisurge dang, was afraid of that. how long ago was that?

iisurge said:

raid5 hashcows has shut down.

Why did it shut down? never really found an explanation…

raid5 based on this:

Hashcows - Thank you for everyone that has supported and mined with us! We will be shutting down hashcows permanently. Have a great holiday! Feel free to chat in here still | |

I’d say before or around the holidays. Not 100% sure though

tecopos me either, was a bit random

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tecopos I think they shut down because profit was low…

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artiscience said:

tecopos I think they shut down because profit was low…

Yeah, profit is low everywhere now… Too bad they shutdown, they were a nice pool