Reddcoin on Ubuntu

Hey guys, any idea on how to run reddcoin-qt wallet under Ubuntu? Thanks a lot!

  1. Download the latest release here:
  2. Run either the 32 or 64 bit executable: $ ./reddcoin-qt

Thanks. And where shall I put the wallet.dat file?

The wallet.dat is automatically placed in /home/username/.reddcoin/ folder.
Hint: you can download a bootstrap.dat file from the reddcoin website to speedup the block initialisation. 
Put this also in your /home/username/.reddcoin/ folder.

The latest bootstrap.dat as mentioned by Elkan can be found in the latest release:

Thanks though it doesn’t work I’m afraid… I copied the wallet.dat into the main reddcoin folder where the reddcoin-qt exe is and when I start up the wallet, it just shows me a clean new wallet with no addresses nor transactions what-so-ever.

Any idea guys? :open_mouth:

Imro It should be placed in the hidden .reddcoin folder in your home directory as Elkan noted above.

Well I’m not really sure how to navigate into the hidden folder then…

Got it now guys!! Thanks!

Good to hear!
enjoy spending/staking reddcoins… :slight_smile:

Imro Ok good. Nice faucet by the way, but your signature seems to link to

GrayPhoenix You’re right, fixed it.
It doesn’t matter though since the ReddAPI is closing down :-/

raid5 Hello. Quite new to linux. How do I run the executable file?