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Welcome to the official topic of Project Redd Online
We are currently working on V2.1 of our project

Global Reddcoin Network

Scope of Login page for Redd Online V2.1
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Scope of Redd Online V2.1 - Single user marketplace page
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Scope of Redd Online V2.1 - Single user feed page
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**Scope of Redd Online V2.1 Single user backend profile **
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This is our proposal regarding the design for 2.0.
go to this Reddbar link for a fullscreen preview! Let us know what you think.

Preview of reddcoin onine v2.1

Read below regarding scope of the full project and current development.

Reddcoin Online community updates 3.12.2017
Redd Core has been establishing 
scope of full development and design progress.

Reddcoin V1.2 updates have been released
Updated menu features with Redd Online official and Redd Online Current Version feature.

Reddcoin Online community updates 1.12.2017
Release design concept Reddcoin Online  V2.0

The new design sheet of Reddcoin online is currently a mockup proposal. Share you thoughts regarding the design of the profile page. Please note this is not a full scope regarding our project but just the user account  page and overall UI!


Reddcoin Online community updates 30.11.2017
Release Reddbar V 1.1

Redd Bar is a simple display tool that displays multiple Reddcoin related websites in 1 place. 
Simply click on the drag and drop bar to select and open a Reddcoin related website. 

developed by the Reddcoin Online community!
Release Redweb Builder V 1.1
Reddweb-Builder is a simple tool that allows you to build your own website without coding knowledge. 
The tool is easy to use and allows users to maintain as many websites as they want.

developed by the Reddcoin Online community!

Currently the registration isnt connected with the Reddcoin online platform account yet. To test the beta kindly register with the same user details as your reddcoin (.) online  
in order to test the system. 

Any bugs can be reported at:

Hello everyone, We have recently released the Reddcoin online platform.

But what exactly is Reddcoin online?


On this topic I will explain everything there is regarding the platform.
The Interface is very familiar with the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, G+ and Linkedin.
The development of Reddcoin online however, strives to have a wallet integration allowing users to purchase or earn Reddcoins trough multiple methods. One of these methods is the Digital Marketplace that is currently in development.

For those who relate Reddcoin online to Facebook

Don’t be mislead by our current design. We are working on unique and flexible UI that meets the standards and requirements for a suitable interface. Before we release our new designs we will consider and share with the community.

We are not creating a common social media platform.
We are creating a functional, profitable and unique system that provides strength to the Redd community and coin.

What will Reddcoin online provide us that Facebook doesn’t?
First of all the Reddcoin online platform provides us a global portal that Reddcoin currency related.
Like Facebook was developed to be a community for Harvard we are a community for Reddcoin.

Like Mark Zuckerberg made new features that were suitable for the Harvard community we are developing features that are suitable for the Redd community.

Reddcoin Online provides the ease of use we know from Facebook with its famous UI but with the innovation of the contribution by Reddcoin developers/members.

All Reddcoin projects and products will be listed on the network. Developers can share and expose their Redd related knowledge and tools such as an exclusive marketplace will be brought in place.

Does Reddcoin need its own social network platform?
A lot of users will disagree on this. But the fact that we are promoting a social coin is a fact.
And a social coin with its own global social network makes sense.

Should we still use websites such as Reddcointalk and Telegram?
Obviously, we should as these are core valued websites that are well known by the Reddcoin community itself. Reddcoin online will adopt these websites as soon as possible to provide 1 global place to easily access all platforms trough 1 portal.

Is the team behind Reddcoin online focusing on Social development or Reddcoin related development

All trough in the near future we will expand some social features or core focus relies on sharing knowledge and information to help out other Reddcoin members. The idea is that when we all learn something and share it with others our network knowledge will expand. Since the Reddcoin wall algorithm is nothing like the expose feed of Facebook everyone will have a fair shot at releasing their valuable information.

Will I be able to share my online projects within the Reddcoin online community?
In the near future, you are able to share your developments through a developer area.
Until then please contact us in order to have your project shared. It is completely free to share your redd related project on the network.

Will I be able to earn money from the Reddcoin online community?

Yes, you will be able to earn or spend money through the Reddcoin online platform.
Currently, the Reddcoin online community already provides you with access to its beta platform.

How can I earn money with Reddcoin after Reddcoin Online 2.1 will be released?

  • Sell products through the digital marketplace

  • Provide services through the digital marketplace

  • Sell tutorials through an exclusive subscription portal

  • Provide free resources, tutorials, and knowledge including a tipping system.

  • Provide advertisement or receive advertisement pay per click and pay per view base.

  • Buy and Sell Reddcoins

  • Develop games which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-game purchases, etc.

  • Develop apps which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-app purchases.

Reddcoin is a coin that has been around for a few years. A lot of people have faith in this currency which is a beautiful aspect. Any contribution towards the coin or community has its value towards the potential future of the coin.

We are currently looking for people that are willing to contribute to the network. This can be done multiple ways:

1: You can share as much knowledge and information through articles, pages, groups, posts, and videos. This includes tutorials for others to learn how to become successful online with either providing services or how to learn more about Reddcoin and other cryptocurrencies

2: Are you a skilled service provider such as an internet/marketing/coder/designer expert?
Share your products and services online through the product/market section or contact us regarding your possible contribution.

3: Have been around on the forums and social networks for a while and know about Reddcoin and the community? Sharing is caring get your friends out on the platform in order to build a strong base. Even though you think 1 extra user won’t make the difference it will to us. Every house is built one brick at a time.

We hope to grow towards a global well-known community with a strong valued currency!

~Reddcoin Online Community Tools~

Redd Bar

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Redd Bar is a simple website display tool that displays multiple Reddcoin related websites in 1 place.
Simply click on the drag and drop bar to select and open a Reddcoin related website.

Video of the Redd Bar tool:

Reddweb Builder

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Reddweb Builder allows users from to build unlimited websites. With tools that are designed for comfort and ease of use. You can create, publish or export your developments easily.

Core benefits:

Includes over 40 Themes & Templates
Advanced Drag & Drop,
Preview, Export & Publish,
HTML, CSS, JS Editors,
Image Manager & Editor,
Unlimited projects & pages,
Over 40 Pre-built Elements,
Undo manager, and much more.

Video of Reddweb Builder

Full knowledge page about - Reddweb Builder:

For questions or interests regarding Reddcoin Online answer to this topic!

Official website of Redd Core the power behind Reddcoin Online

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And sign up for the pre beta at Reddcoin Online now. Online now.

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Redd Online members can now sign up at our new innovation Free webhosting for all Redd Online members. Up to 3 Gigabyte free diskspace. Our webhosting service currently also includes a very strong framework to build high quality Wordpress websites. We have preinstalled a combined package that will change your web development expierience forever. Anyone can build their websites now to contribute to the Redd community.

As of today it is also possible to integrate Reddcoin payments in your website already.

Please note that this is not official, for anyone who is wondering.

What do you mean?

Re: Reddcoin online network

New feature - User app development
The API installation have been made.

You can now develop and place your apps on the community for more information

Thank you for moving the topic to the correct category Gozzy, highly appreciated :).
Meanwhile I have taken some time to update this topic to narrow down a few points and rewrite to explain better. I think one of the most valuable points this platform can have is input from the current community. I have taken your points and a few points of other users in consideration. We are currently looking how we can add to this valuable digital marketplace services internal to the system we created.

I think 1 of the core points we have to establish is that we do not intend to be a Social media channel like Facebook.
In fact, we will change the UI where necessary when new features and tools are developed. The core point is to combine the social and financial aspect together in one allowing the entire network to move its profits and earnings the way they want instantly.

Please keep sharing your thoughts!

cryptobobnincoop said in Reddcoin online network:

What do you mean?

Gozzy is referring to the fact that this project was not released by Reddcoin official “”.
They, however, are aware of the development of the project and have allowed us to share with you on Reddcoin Talk.

I think one of the most important aspects currently is to take the time to get to know each other better. Sharing ideas and knowledge on what we have done is a good step. Meanwhile, we also will update the community on our development progress.

I like this a lot! I will keep the an eye on the process.


Thank you for your comment Krizzzle, Please suggest anything that comes to your mind.
We like to consider the opinion of the public in order to get a platform that suits the entire community.

Also sign up on in order to share and care and stay tuned regarding development progress.

Reddcoin Online now has a new main website released see topic for more info

Do you want to support Redd Online towards the future? we have established a crowdfunding for the development and advertisement costs.

We have great pledges! Crowdfund goes trough Legit source: Indiegogo!


Looks like a great project, but I just went to and it said the site was not secure. Why is that?


What is this garbage?