Reddcoin... participation is a good investment strategy.

Ok, so you bought 50,000 RDD and want to sit and hold until they reach $1. This I agree is smart, but for an extra $1.50 you should buy another 1000. Hold 50,000 and use the other 1000 to spend/tip. It is such a small price to pay now, but the only way this coin will boom is if people use it! As they say… if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! And you will lose it is no one uses it! SIMPLE!
So please buy a extra 1000 when purchasing your stash, use the 1000, this will help to grow you main RDD investment.

Don’t forget about your stakes too. You can use your rewards to reward others.


Fruchocs yeah even tipping a few can help out. Just go on reddit and find a couple of good posts and tip the op.

Fruchocs ‘sit and hold until they reach 1$’ ? You really think it’s gonna hit 1$ ???

reds_to_the_moon Думаю что 1$ не предел для данной монеты.

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I find all these price speculations quit disturbing (there have been a lot lately). In the current state RDD has to build-up a strong community and, when Redd-ID launches, also a strong user group. There have been multiple good interpretations on RDD market opportunities (see latest post of reddjay - Forget about Reddcoin’s price for now).

Just stick with RDD, because it will grow for sure! But howmuch depends on so many variables. I have a lot of faith in the devs. I’m looking forward to the next step, the launch of Redd-ID (Q3) and the new mobilewallets (Q4).