Reddcoin Passphrase does NOT work anymore

Hi There,

I used my Passphrase few times yesterday with no problem for but all of a sudden it starts rejecting it. I have my password carefully written on a paper so 100% its the same passphrase I used few hours ago yesterday.
Can anyone please help how can i recover my reddcoins now?


Same here Need some urgent Help anyone??

I’ve written my passphraze down carefully and copy and paste it accurately and used it many times and because you need it to unlock your account and insert the passphraze it won’t let me in. it keeps saying “the passphraze entered for the wallet decryption was incorrect”

I know all of my passphraze , Any tools out there for bruteforce? I’,m using windows 64bit

Can anyone help me recover it somehow? I do have a lot of coins in there,I have backed up my Red wallet and that’s stored offline.




I was able to login to my wallet today so all is good! it was a basic copy and paste prob from word. : )

Lakal get back to me i may be able to help you.