Reddcoin project to-do list and details

Dear fellow Reddheads:

Hereby I provide details of the items on the to-do list of the Reddcoin project. I list the items, which you can think of as mini-milestones, in ascending order of expected delivery time. For each item, I provide a description, an estimated difficulty rating (for the purpose of a benchmark, I rate the difficulty of implementing PoSV as 10) and the people responsible if any.

As you will see, there is huge amount of work in the pipeline. All the developers are more productive if they are happier. Support and understanding from the community will make developers happier and more willing to commit their spare time. Do not harass any member of the dev team with accusation, insult or any other aggressive behaviour.

  • Social X
  1. browser wallet, difficulty = 8, responsible person = tralf, implements a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet that supports BIP32/39/44, SPV block and transaction validation and communication protocol with Electrum server. The Chrome version will be finished first, followed by Firefox and then Safari.

  2. Qt HD wallet, difficulty = 6, responsible person = laudney, converts the existing Qt wallet into a HD wallet that supports BIP32/39/44. It removes the need for key pool and requires significant change to Qt GUI that can be quite time-consuming. As a bonus, the implementation will be based on Bitcoin 0.9.x branch.

  3. Redd-ID, difficulty = 10, responsible person = laudney, implements ID registration inside Reddcoin blockchain that supports association between social network identities and Reddcoin addresses to lay the foundation for universal micropayment across all social networks. This will be implemented in the full-node Qt wallet first.

  4. PoSV 2.0, difficulty = 7, responsible person = laudney, implements a much needed enhanced version of PoSV inside Reddcoin blockchain that rewards active stakers with interests of the total money supply. For example, if only 50% of the Reddcoin are staked, those Reddcoins will generate 2x interests, i.e. 10-12%. This will be implemented in the full-node Qt wallet first.

  5. support for Redd-ID in the Electrum protocol, difficulty = 9, responsible people = laudney and tralf, allows Electrum clients (e.g. the browser wallet) to receive Redd-ID information from the server and save it in a local data store for lookup operations.

  6. universal micropayment platform, difficulty = 10, responsible person = tralf, implements a browser extension that allows micropayment to any user on any social network by bringing together all the functionalities of the rest of the Reddcoin infrastructure.

  • bonus features
  1. Android wallet, difficulty = 9, responsible person = lionzeye, implements an Electrum HD wallet that supports BIP32/39/44 for Android devices. This is the topic of lionzeye’s graduation thesis.

  2. iOS wallet, difficulty=9, responsible people = raid5 and others, implements an Electrum HD wallet that supports BIP32/39/44 for iOS devices. raid5 has already written the GUI. We are looking for experienced iOS developers to take on the implementation of BIP32/39/44 and Electrum protocol.

  3. support for Redd-ID registration on Electrum wallets (in addition to full-node Qt wallet) and allowing Electrum servers to earn registration fees, difficulty = 10, responsible person = laudney.

  • side projects
  1. reddcore, difficulty = 7, responsible people = bigreddmachine and laudney, a comprehensive Javascript library for Reddcoin

  2. reddsight-api, difficulty = 5, responsible people = bigreddmachine and laudney, a hosted blockchain API for Reddcoin, can be used to monitor blockchain and broadcast newly created transactions.

  3. reddsight, difficulty = 5, responsible people = bigreddmachine and laudney, a hosted blockchain explorer that uses reddcore and reddsight-api.

  4. nodebb-plugin-reddcoin, difficulty = 5, responsible person = Gnasher, a plugin for that adds tip buttons to users, posts and comment.

  5. Python library for Reddcoin, difficulty = 6, looking for maintainer.

  6. PHP library for Reddcoin, difficulty = 6, looking for maintainer.

laudney Thanks for the update. It is much appreciated. Its a very extensive also, wow.

If we may know. How many of these have been started and of those started, how far along is each?


YouCanDoAnything This would be a cool question to propose for Wednesday’s interview - please cross-post to the special edition newsletter thread if you don’t get any joy here! :wink:


Just wanted to give a big shout out to the developers. In any business/industry rejection and uncomfortable situations are things you need to get used to in order grow as a person, company or brand. This early on into the game as a company/business the ones who reject will be the ones who later follow when the rest of the world catches on and values the product for what it really is. What Reddcoin is currently experiencing is experienced by majority of companies in any industry. Stay true to your work and vision and all the hard work you put in will come back at you in great ways. Keep up the good work and way to stay composed in this situation. Composure is key and although the situation can be frustrating, you guys are holding it together well. laudney bigreddmachine and the rest of the team, keep up the good work. From one entrepreneur to another.


I can tell you that the nodebb-plugin-reddcoin (v0.1) is complete.
We have had a number of beta-testers already and the plugin is working as expected. It is ready for main stream.


Gnasher Really looking forward to this & the browser wallet! I miss tipping.

Do you have to upgrade the forum version to the latest in order to install or did you do that already?

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laudney Really nice to see everything broken down into measurable steps.

There was some talk about implementing automated recurring transactions a few months back. Is that feature still on the radar?

Has there been much discussion on visibility of tips relating to the Universal Micropayment Platform (automatically creating a post on certain social networks for example)? I imagine that would be desirable for both the tipper and the recipient, along with being probably the best form of advertising for Reddcoin itself.

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hell yeah buddy. thank you Laudney

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What about reddcoin? Is he still here?

Dan Yes, Reddcoin / Jonathan is still very much here. He spends a lot of time managing the sites and doing other admin-type tasks.

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Thanks BRM… Just wondered as there appeared to be no mention of him

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we appreciate everyones patience while we are trying to get each aspect of the project done in a timely manner.
As we get ready to launch the tipping feature for the forum we have determined that it will require a software uplift.
An announcment should be made close to the time that this will occur.


Wicked happy to see a to do list! It always makes it easier for me to break things down into smaller steps and achieve one thing at a time. This definitely boosts my confidence. Now if only had the skills to contribute to these projects… :frowning:

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Great to see this all consolidated into a single post!

As mentioned by laudney, we are actively looking for an additional member of the iOS team to implement the various BIPs and Electrum protocol in Objective-C. Please reach out to myself or laudney if you have an interest in contributing.


raid5 I’m not an objective C guy but I believe BreadWallet implements BIP39:

Now actually implementing it in Reddcoin, I’m sure that’s the hard part


livefromheaven Yea, we’re aware of that project and have been evaluating it.


woo thanks for this!
go reddcoin

Strong list of updates. Proud holder of 50MM+. Slowly working my way towards to 100MM+ club.

How have we been doing on these milestones?

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I’m off to kill the fatted calf (too obscure?)…, wonderful stuff, this. Thanks for what has already been accomplished. Odd thought of the post: laudney , can you now relate to rock stars who come to hate their fans…