Reddcoin promotion

This is Ashfaq.I was watching ReddcoinfReddcoinfroReddcoinfReddcoin from long time ,but recently when it make a jump .i started researching and reading about it and i buyed 1 million reddcoins .hope in future i will buy more.
The more and foremost which this needs ,is promotion .
But the question is .
Is online promotion enough ?
I think no as far as i am about to read about cryptocurrency.
Well i want to promote it like in state level or country level,like promoting via newspapers,conferences,hoardings etc, and being mba degree holder i know this will not only work but even boost it 1000 times within a small span of time
Now my question is
I will do it by myself and i will start ,but how can i get the money which i need for promotion. I have some ideas ,if you have best i will apply that. Like i have

  1. Either take commisions from new entries which i will done.
  2. Or Reddcoin developers need to make country wise agents, and collectively we make an donation button.

anybody can be his own agent for his country, its decentralized. Others may tip you but if you are doing your own campaign, you are also paying yourself cos you own a million reddcoin. You can put adverts on facebook to target your country or city only. On the other hand, once reddid is out the reddcoin will sell itself
Keep up the good work. I own 2.5 million reddcoins, I’m a Nigerian based in USA. I have brought several people to woning reddcoins, some own half a million, one other owns 7.2 million. I post links on instagram and call myself a reddcoin ambasaddor on facebook. I see it as my company. I’m a true reddhead

Like Reddaro said.
It will sell itself (hopefully) when it gets momentum.