Reddcoin (RDD) Core Official Release v3.0.0RC1 - PoSV v2 Enhanced Staking & Dev Funding - Win/Mac*/Linux

[Reddcoin (RDD) Core Official Release v3.0.0RC1 - PoSV v2 Enhanced Staking & Dev Funding - Win/Mac*/Linux] (

Reddcoin Core 3.0.0 RC1 has been released for Windows, Linux and (pre-Catalina) MacOS!

Attention, ReddHeads! After seemingly endless coding, testing and fixing, Reddcoin Core has released v3.0.0RC1 for general Reddcoin mainnet use.
To enable PoSV v2, enhanced staking and dev funding, a supermajority of the staking wallets will need to upgrade to this version and be producing new version (v5) blocks, at which time the network will auto-switch to the new rules. Version 5 or “v5” blocks are a feature of the new software and will be produced automatically when staking. We have chosen this mechanism to avoid contentious secondary chains and ensure stakeholder support for the new direction this will take the Reddcoin network. We encourage all Reddcoin stakers to upgrade at their earliest convenience to the new client version.

It is not necessary to transfer coins to or from your v2.0.1.2 wallets; all that is needed for safety is to back up your “wallet.dat” file (a step always recommended even though that file will not be overwritten by the new installation.) and then replace and run the executable/binary in your operating system of choice.

  • For Windows, download and run the installer from Reddcoin’s GitHub release page at Packages for both 32- and 64-bit have been provided.
  • For Mac, please NOTE: we are working to resolve the “font unknown” issue with the newest MacOS, Catalina. For now, the published Mac 3.0.0RC1 wallet client will run on pre-Catalina macOS only, not the latest Catalina release. The team will be ensuring that the fix for Catalina clients is completed as quickly as possible and will be issued as a subsequent incremental update. The process for resolving that is more complex than we’d imagined.
  • For Linux, both reddcoind and reddcoin-qt binaries are provided.

Source code is also published and available for inspection and code review or for those who’d like to compile from source.

If this is a new installation, you may allow the client to sync from zero or you can download and extract blockchain snapshot files from the same link above into your %APPDATA%/Reddcoin folder, replacing the “blocks” and “chainstate” folders there. Either method will work, but the second is immensely faster due to the age of Reddcoin’s blockchain, running since 2014.

The new wallets will collectively engage the cutover to PoSV v2 once the network has passed 9000 of the last 10000 blocks, a period of approximately one week. This is obviously dynamic, and will continue to “look backward” until the required 9000 block threshold has been passed. This information will also by default be posted in debug.log in your Reddcoin data folder, and can be monitored by enterprising users. Once this “supermajority” threshold has been achieved, the new staking rules will engage and the network will transition to PoSV v2. Until that time, current staking rules will remain in effect.

If you require assistance, please join our Telegram or Discord (both linked from chat channels, and a member of the community or dev team will be happy to get any issues sorted out. As we have run through this process on testnet no less than six seaprate times under different sceanrios, we expect no disruption during this activation process. How long the activation takes is entirely dependant on network participation and user upgrades to the new software. The team will be publishing periodic status updates as well until the activation is reached.

More detailed infromation available here:

We’d like to thank all the people involved in bringing this work to fruition, and are all looking excitedly forward to a new stage in Reddcoin’s development as a global cryptocurrency of integrity and reknown. Let’s all work together to Paint The World Redd!!

Stake On!!

  • The Reddcoin (RDD) Core Development Team
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