Reddcoin Rocks!

Reddcoin Rocks is now using bittrex price api instead of cryptsy.

Thanks to thijs for his contribution to this project


ReddcoinRocks are you going to push an updated version to google play?

Gnasher If there is an android client it is not maintained by me. But I just updated

ReddcoinRocks You know what. I was totally off on that comment…
I was thinking of BrownSlaughter Rdd Companion app when I wrote that.
But none the less, glad to see you have been able to update your UI

Gnasher No worries! I’m watching the git repository. If someone pushes a reasonable pull request to the rddrocks repository I will always try to bring it online as soon as possible. the least I can do to support your work and the work of the community :wink:

you are now owner of Reddhead-devs github group

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ReddcoinRocks Thanks man.
Support is all I ask.