Reddcoin…. Seriously where are you guys.

First of all, yes I have Reddcoins, and yes right now they mainly are just to make some money because I just don’t have enough of that (but then again, can you ever have enough of that).

I’m pretty new to cryptocurrency’s, just got on the cryptotrain at December and had quit some coins/tokens to choose from.
As I did not really understand what I was supposed to do I looked in to coins that where cheap per coin my picks where Verge at about 9 cent and Reddcoin at about 0.8 cent.

I picked Verge because the I thought the logo and name where pretty cool, yeah really that did the trick, loved the Reddcoin logo to but one of my buddies actually told me ten that this was possibly the only coin that purely targeted the social platforms.
So I really got interested, not because I’m on social networks, because besides this site and a few small forums I’m not. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Youtube nothing of that, no it was because they (Reddcoin) offers something else then the other coins.
I truly believe the market can be enormous once things get developed and get attention.

So I checked the site and the official channels to see what they are doing.
Bladibladiebla… Whoa!.. blablabla……Redd-ID…….blablabla…… Great!.. blablabla android wallet….
You get the idea. So my buy was made and I had some Reddcoins.
Everything was going great, mayor wins, telling everyone and everyone is getting in! But then I started reading more and more about crypto’s in general, visited quit a few website’s read white papers and so on. That was the time I started investigating my own coins…

Verge looked pretty good, quit a lot of info and what they are doing. Recently they launched the wraith protocol where buys and sells are really anonymous, I thought, great for criminals (as more money is used) so the prices will go up. :wink:

The I started looking in to my beloved Reddcoin and I was startlet, everything looks okay but when you look close……

And in advance, I’m a “Hodler”, I do not want to harm the coin, my money is in it as wel, but I do want to lift the coin by provoking an statement form Reddcoin. I am a believer and I’m reading more and more negative messages all asking the same questions while the answer can be so enormously easy and by doing so I am confident that the coin will, as we say in cryptoland, “break orbit and go to the moon!”.

I found out the following problems: – Last updated 31st of December 2015 - Sometimes a tweet, last info 20 dec 2017 on LWF and on 11th of December welcoming back an development team member - Same as twitter? - first thing is the roadmap 2016 – 2017 (it’s 2018 man come on) and the news is an event hosted in April 2017… - Finally some news, an update on December 7th and an small update on 1st of January - not even listed on their own official website, official sticky topics, “New Electrum Server available”, posted two years ago, “Wallet” posted a year ago and the 7th December update as on reddit.

Allright, Reddcoin has an market cap of about € 364 million, but how many people are really working on this right now? 5? 10? 100? I found a picture the other day and I only saw like 7 guys?!
In the roadmap that I found on it states that the red-id will be launched around Q4 2016 on December 7th 2017 is announced that an successful test has been done! Great work but when can we expect a launch, in a month?, a year?
Also on December 7th you tell us a up to date Roadmap and whitepaper would be made available shortly, it has been more than a month now.

Then I found another roadmap somewhere on Reddit (still nothing on your own site).
It says Redd-ID and mobile Wallet Q3 2017

As I see it news about Reddcoin is mainly produced by the community.
You, Reddcoin, need to give this attention, and really fast as well. As we all have noticed the crypto market has exploded since last November and especially when naming yourself “The Social Currency” you need to communicate more quickly.

That said, this is what I believe you should do and by doing so you can keep everyone happy and stop the negative claims about our beloved Reddcoin being dead.

Produce a roadmap with goals you can achieve in reasonable time. (this can be done in a day)
When needed rewrite your white paper if you need to.
Update your sites or take them offline, by not updating people believe you don’t care or you that you are not doing anything.
Hire someone to do PR. (this will give the coin a great boost and stops all nonsense)
Tell us something more about what Reddcoin is doing (for instance let a developer post an vid about what he does for Reddcoin)

Remember you are the social currency so act like it!
Also, you have an enormously large fan base (followers) maybe they can help with these things but they are not an official voice, and that is what is missing at this moment, someone stepping up to be that official voice and having authority.

As I mentioned earlier I truly believe Reddcoin has the future, but there are a few issues you can, and in my opinion have, to address.
If only to stop the negative voices before it is too late, and I also believe that if you just ignore these posts that there will be a day that you are to late… an I really don’t want that for such a great idea/coin!


Community, spread the word! As mentioned earlier I do not have these social accounts but you can post this text anywhere you want, when you do please include my Reddcoin address as that’s really what the coin is for right and it would be great receiving my first tip ever!

Hey man, solid article, i found out myself that the best place to follow Rdd progress is their Twitter account.
Since it is open source they dont get payed for hiring a good team and i think this is the main problem that they work with volunteers…
Hope this helps… btw i am NOT from the official team i have also money invested in Reddcoin because like you i also believe they got a good opportunity here to make something great out of this…

I completely agree. Will we receive a response from the developer? I bought 2 million coins and I want to be sure that I was not mistaken in the choice

what a great article :grin: I to am invested in reddcoin and have been for a number of years and have seen all the above roadmaps and the missed deadlines, lack of communication and yes it hurts but on a flipside i do understand that this is an opensource project and that funding is almost no existent and that coders come and go,other commitments popup its life. but having such a rapid rise in reddcoin and a strong community i would think that the team/devs would do the following.

  1. update the community on a regular basis and not just on 1 platform if u have fb,twitter and a webpage publish on all.
  2. meet deadlines on current projects, its all well and good putting out roadmaps but if you miss the deadline well its the community you are letting down. this is damaging for rdds growth.
    3.incourage developers to join the team, i have friends that are great devs and would be keen to lend a hand but how do they get involved? email?? online form??.

all in all i love this coin and i look forward to it hitting the stratosphere and beyond in the near future.

***take a page out of verge dev team they promised to release wraith wallet on nye they missed the deadline BUT they pushed out a beta version and the community could see continous updates being pushed to github and the the final version was released shortly after but atleasted something was available and the community had visability. no harm in updating on the fly shows commitment and support.

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A great example of Verge.
Just look at this:
You only need to communicate with the people. We are ready to support our beloved coin by all means. Communicate with us

Ok, it is open source but as the community grows there are a lot of poeple willing to lend an hand.
Just on this forum i’ve seen someone asking to do the PR work, Member “ColoCrypto” is opening an YouTube channel to privide the latest info.
So members/investors enough willing to participate.

And then another thing, everybody is saying it is open source and there is no funding, but if so, there is one thing i don’t understand:
Where does the “real” money go then?

If i for instance pay a 100 dollar to buy 10.000 RDD, where does my 100 dollar go? Imho it goes to Reddcoin “the company”.

ReddcoinRulez when u buy $100 worth of rdd it will go to whoever is selling on the exchange it could be me or anyone else who decides to sell

althought our money may go to the one who sell the coin , but indeed when they supply more currencies, they will get the money , is not it ?

i like this coin and i’m hopeful that it will hit the stratosphere soon

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YassirShaheen In your context, not really, unless the cryptocurrency is something specifically designed. For PoW coins, miners “find” new coins; for PoS coins (including Reddcoin), stakers “mint” new coins. The money doesn’t to go “them” in either case.

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Well, every coin is down at the moment, a real rampage.

Never the less Reddcoin is taking a bigger dive then others, coinmarketcap is listing RDD as nr. 95.
So, plunging out of the top 100, and i still beleiving in the concept is kind of making me sad.
The key obviously is communication, and you can’t do that by telling poeple to stop asking on de Redd-ID status (source reddit 27th jan update).

If you (Reddcoin) tell “us” Redd-ID is on its way, and will be launched soon then thats all ok, but when this was about 2 years ago… not so much.

I have the feeling you (Reddcoin) don’t like it when poeple start arguing, but see it from our side, we beleive, we hope for the best, we try to help, we try to push you to give a serious status update and when to expect… but then it all starts to get quit.
And now, although the downfall of the entire market, we, and i mean our beloved reddcoin, is pushed out of the top 100 by, what i beleive, really lousy communication.

And again, i would like to point out that i, and many of my friends have put down real money to see this thing going sky high.
If we are unfortunate, and tryed everything, and it doesn’t work, no problem. i can live with that.
If it does work and we are going to the moon ($ 1.00 for example), it will be great!
if it does not work and it was because of a total lack of communication… i will be quit annoyed.

We can all stay yelling that we are going to the “stratosphere”, but at this moment, i truly beleive it will all come down to communication.

For the poeple who feel the urge to tell me that these type of message’s are not helping, i disagree.
When action is taken because i’ve reached someone at Reddcoin and he decides things need to change i will be the first to tell everyone that things are getting brighter at the end of the tunnel.
As we say in dutch, “i will put a feather up his .ss”! :wink:

Hey fellow Dutch-man :slight_smile:

I’ve posted 2 things similar today and yesterday:

I can only assume Reddcoin team members will respond to this soon.

groetjes :slight_smile:

Thanks, i think we both agree what the problem is.

And so comming back at our core problem, they will not respond.
The market is moving very fast, for example NEO is doing a world tour to get poeple to beleive in his/their product.
I understand, when there is limited recources that Reddcoin can’t hire hundreds of employees but the thing is, Reddcoin has a great community, all wanting to participate and all waiting on action from reddcoin.

So Reddcoin, lets hear it and launch this Redd-ID, because when launched no one wil be asking anymore.
Pick up the interesting posts from remkovdz and respond.
You can make us happy and we will start writing on how we can hit the stratosphere, or the moon or a dollar.

ReddcoinRulez, are you reading my mind or what? Many people ignore what really needs to be done before it is too late. Exactly right!
I still believe in this coin and I own quite a bit.
I have been following crypto for many years even though I have not been here on this site too long I understand business well. All companies out there are in development stages all the time, even Fortune 500 companies. Development never ends. I posted on Reddit and got feedback saying that I do not understand the concept, how this works, etc. The community will take care of it etc. Any business person knows that will not happen without a plan.
I suggested financing and got negative feedback.
I am just looking for some answers and seeing some kind of structure develop before it is too late.
Let’s hope there is more to this than just Redd ID.

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