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i installed the RDD Core Wallet 12 Days ago. There are no Staking Rewards now. in my Wallet are 1,5 million Coins. Can anyone explain me what i have to do? Is it necessary to keep the Wallet unlocked all the time?

Energy Yes. your wallet should be unlocked all the time. I install Reddcoin couple days ago. But what I do not understand it is when I will get reward (Staking) in my wallet there is information that I will get reward every 33 days. Is it really take so long time to get the rewards? How can I get rewards more often?

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Hey, AndrewSalvatore your coins also have an age. Every day your coins get older. Thus, you have a higher chance to get rewarded. I don’t know the actual number of your coins, but you will see that the next days " time till next payment" will decrease.


Energy AndrewSalvatore Here is a good post about that issue .
I would also recommend this site Unfortunately, it seems like the official reddcoin side is down at the moment.

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AndrewSalvatore To get rawards more often, you can split your sum within your wallet into several addresses. It won’t increase the total reward, but will increase the frequency of rewards quite proportionally to the number of addresses.

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Ty ya all for nice and quick help

Thanks all for answers!!

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