Reddcoin sync slow? here is a solution thats 10X faster

After spending about 4 days syncing the wallet even when using the bootstrap I decided I would upload a copy of my synced files and speed up the sync proccess for everyone.

you can download it from here

Just unrar the files and place the folder chain anywhere.
set blockchain location to the chain folder and wait for it to complete the sync for the last few hours

I have included a copy of the 32 and 64 bit reddcoin 2.0.0 wallets in there if you need them

I will be frequently updating the blockchain and re uploading it to keep it as synced as possible

If you would like to donate to me to keep the project going I accept rdd and btc i only have my btc address at the moment i will update my rdd address asap

btc - 1GTGEfx1goQCJm4QxMvsdNLi8fAWiXhQuQ
rdd -

May I caution people against this approach. The point of the intense CPU work that reddcoin-qt / reddcoind does when syncing the blockchain, whether all from the network of part from a bootstrap file, is to validate the integrity of the blockchain. Simply loading a bunch of leveldb files opens up a new attack vector which the sync process (painful as it is) is specifically designed to prevent. As well meaning as the OP may be, the bottom line is you only have the OP’s personal assurance that the files are genuine and that (b) the OPs node is operating on the correct chain and not on one of the forks that occasionally appear (mostly due to the older 1.4 and earlier nodes still operating). I don’t wish to rain on Ragekillen’s parade, and this is a fantastically well meaning and altruistic initiative. but imho it is not a good way forwards for security/integrity reasons.