ReddCoin team has left the building ... or did it?

Looks like the dev team has left the building … and forgot to tell anyone that the party is over…
At least from what I see:

  • Chrome wallet is a “coin trap” - It can receive but cannot send.
  • None of the REDD forums are actively managed for months.
  • The only comments are from people who stake - The chain can be alive without the team touching it. As in - the plane can still fly on auto-pilot for a while after the pilots bail out.
  • The main connection to the dev team via Telegram is disconnected.
  • The dev team does not seem to have full-time members - sold to us as being “agile”.
  • The website still looks as if this is a project in full swing.

So …, there’s that …
I do hope that I am wrong - cause ALL my coins are now stuck in the Chrome wallet, which is a total loss from what it looks like.
But if I am right … then what a deal … pump up the hype, cash out and sneak out the back door.

Again - let’s hope I am wrong.

Are you sure? Have you tried inatalling on another PC and using your ReddID?

This seems to help with the coin issue, but what about the tell tell?

we are seeing a rise in BTC but a continuous fall in RDD. Is this current site not a place where we get regular updates from the or any rdd “employee” ?

Been worrying for a while, no updates, REDDID sucks balls - didnt work the first time so luckily i withdrew from that wallet -

Yup, tried on a Mac and on Win. Same problem. Then I waited for about a day and a half for the entire chain to get loaded hoping I can import the wallet in the main app. Turned out the staking app and the Chrome wallet are using incompatible wallets. So … it almost feels like whoever left the Chrome wallet with disabled send button done it on purpose. How do you figure deploying a wallet in prod-mode and not notice that you cannot send - not happening. Also, yeah … I do test the inbound connection with a few small amounts first - I NEVER thought to test send too … it’s just stupid … it is like saying … put your shoes on … I mean BOTH of them … :slight_smile: … then again … you follow the “life” of the forums … it all died end of next year … so … you know things are bad and you leave the website looking hype and the wallet a “mouse trap”, though you can’t use the trapped mouse … so why do it then … anyway. I am calling it as I see it … at this point it feels like a pump and dump … and you hear people counting their mining income … funny.

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And like that i am OUT .

I hope you’re wrong but seems like you’re right…

Their site looks as alive as ever. The mouse-trap wallet for Chrome is still downloadable … If they are based in the US they are opening themselves to a lawsuit … It is one thing to say “Well, the business tanked, sorry” … then close the doors. Nothing to say against that. It is a completely different story to say nothing and walk away leaving no warning … then this is just gross negligence at best and intention to defraud at worst, in my opinion.

I’m an active web dev and I can say that dev team has not left the building.
But you are right with this forum. We really should change this. Too much todo, not enough man power.
What’s your Redd-ID? Maybe I can help you.

Thanks cryptoBUZE,
I cannot register an ID yet because my Chrome wallet cannot send funds. The registration of the ReddID requires that my funds balance is not zero. It is a new/first install - hence the balance is zero.
Before the Send button was not reacting at all. Today I tried - Now I get to a new window asking me to re-confirm with a password. At no point in the past was I asked to create a password when creating the wallet. I do have the seed though. The current Chrome wallet version is 0.99.19.
I am glad that the Redd team is still with us - hopefully we can get past the send-button problem.

Just adding to the above. The last time I was trying to send (my posts on the Troubleshooting forum) the wallet version was 0.99.3 … So, the version went up - a good sign, as long as we can get past the new password problem I mentioned above.

We’re a small team, struggling to get the work done. Want to see more activity? Join in and help! Be the change you want to see in the world. Other than that, John & I and the other members of the team meet on average six times a week, and work steadily in between those times for literally years now. We’ve gone through almost 20 incremental releases, ensuring the wallet is safe and that no risk to funds exist, but since we’re doing development at our own cost, it’s slow going. We discuss and handle basic technical issues related to Reddcoin while trying to manage security, partnerships, exchange listings, forums, chatrooms, social networks, planning for the future, evaluating and testing new features and code, and a million other things. For no salary and at our own expense, going back for years now.

Noone’s “left the building”. And noone’s planning to. Reddcoin is every bit as active and alive as it ever has been, and the network and community seems to be growing every day. Though, in all candor, posts like yours sure make me want to reconsider what I’m doing and why.


Thanks to all the dev’s working on this project at their own expense. It was the same in the early days of Monero. I highly suggest that on the main menu of this forum the dev’s set up a Bounty page. Let the community contribute to a wallet that is set up for specific bounties and code improvement. Funds can be released upon proof of work done through GitHub updates. Contributors can donate any amount they want.

This worked for Monero in the earlier days and I contributed to plenty of Bounties. Please get this going so the community can start to help fund some of these projects. I’ll be the first to donate if I’m aware of it.

Now if the dev’s can get together and prioritize projects and set up a escrow wallet for each we can start to contribute to this. Thanks

Hi TechAdeptRDD,
Let’s just stay with the facts and let them dictate our emotions and not the other way around :slight_smile:
These are facts that relate to you.

  1. You are at a startup stage and without the backing of a major VC
  2. You believe in your product, yet there are days where you are not sure if the decision to keep going is based on determination or insanity.
  3. You have shown on your website a formidable team.
  4. The Chrome wallet can receive but cannot send (did not try it today)
  5. The mining module cannot “import” the Chrome wallet.

These are the facts that relate to me.

  1. At no point did I use profanities nor did I scream “Where’s my money” :slight_smile:
  2. I posted on both RedcoinTalk as well as the Reddit forum.
  3. After not receiving any responses for a while I began looking around.
  4. The relevant posts on both forums were several months old.
  5. Same with the FaceBook channel.
  6. For all practical terms all of my ReddCoin funds are at this point a loss.
  7. I do no know you. All I see is a large team on a well built website, yet for months nobody worked on the forum. As a proof after my 3rd posting I received a badge of honor from the reddbot … which is cool, thank you very much, but it does sound like a dead forum to me. Again, I do not know you. I only see what I described above.

Now suddenly as a coin-owner, i.e. shareholder, you start asking yourself questions.

As a startup your success is 40% technology and 60% managing expectations, because … “perception is reality” :slight_smile:

What about ReddCoin itself - what are the facts there.

  1. If it is true what you say on the website you already have the fundamentals of a workable fast blockchain platform.
  2. Whether for tips or for something else - it is usable.
  3. The wave of institutional interest in crypto is now rapidly raising.
  4. That puts you in a great spot to “catch that wave” - You got the board, you got the skill, you got the moment - all you need to do is paddle … but the hands are tired.

Well, how do you paddle?
As a start do not keep silent for months.

Yeah - it hurts … but … after so much waiting in the freezing waters, do you really want to let the bulge slide under you … cause … I do not think there’s going to be another wave coming any time soon.

So let’s start with … I don’t know … how about fixing that damn Chrome wallet :slight_smile:
Then scale down and keep only one single forum alive … most people will understand and let you keep going.

And finally - replace “Let’s change the world” with - “Next I am going to do this”.
If your team is tired and understaffed - then the only thing that will keep them going is to know where the finish line is and what are the steps to get there … in my opinion.

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Hi cryptoBUZE,
Apology for bothering you again. If you have the time could you please have a look at the new question I posted “Is it safe to reimport the seed with the higher Chrome Wallet version”.

Again - I understand if you take your time to answer. Now I know the situation. Just trying to get some understanding where this thing is going as the amount is not trivial for me.
Many thanks!

Replied in other thread.