Reddcoin "The Alt-ernative" A First Year History Book

I have began to write a book based solely on Reddcoin titled REDDCOIN “THE ALT-ERNATIVE” A FIRST YEAR HISTORY. It will effective be the story of Reddcoin from its origins on Bitcointalk (20th January 2014) to its first birthday.

Here is a proposed front cover:

This publication will be added to other cryptocurrency books as time progresses. I have called it “The Alt-ernative” Cryptobook Series.

I look forward to response from the Reddcoin community.

P.S. I am also the author of the currently available book called Cryptocurrency “The Alt-ernative” A Beginner’s Reference on Amazon.

Tyke I hope you do a follow-up for the second year!

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Yes, I will definitely do a second year book for Reddcoin :slight_smile:

Please help me to research, write and produce this publication via donating:

I have already started to write the first rough draft.