REDDCOIN tipping in Red Dead Redemption 2 game or on PS4 and Xbox. Please read my thoughts and give your opinions

The gaming world is massive and playing online with strangers from all around the world is a perfect platform to use and promote this amazing coin.
Have you ever played GTA or COD or any online game where someone helped you stay alive or showed you how to do something or dropped a weapon for you to pick up. There are literally millions of young to old people playing these games everyday and millions of opportunities to reward someone for the kindness/knowledge/approval and so on…
I suggest that RDD teams up with Rockstar who will release (what will be game of the year) Red Dead Redemption 2 early 2018 and allow players to tip eachother whenever people want.
This won’t disrupt ingame money for Rockstars bottom line, it will be a side option that could be easy to access during gameplay.
Online gaming IS Social Media… millions of people connect via this method everyday.
Another option is RDD team up with Sony and Xbox and add the feature to their PS4 or Xbox main menus. Link your RDD address to your gaming tag name and start tipping!
What do you think?

I guess the more exposure the better :+1:t2:, but from what I’ve read about the Reddcoin Dev-team. They want to stay detached from any form of alliance to stay independent from third parties. I do look forward to what the next step will be from the devs! My gut feeling tells me that the op coming months could be very exciting! :wink::muscle:t2: