Reddcoin transfer

Hi all,

Yesterday I made a cold storage wallet for my Reddcoins.

But in order to see if the adress was working, I made a small transaction of 948 RDD.

As I was checking my balance on I saw that my balance is incorrect.

My online wallet originally had around 49K RDD. So, my new balance should be 48K, but it still says 49K for some reason.

The thing is, my offline wallet adress is displaying a balance of 948 RDD, which is the amount that i transferred.

How come that isn’t updating my balance correctly?

Hope you guys can help me.

Thanks in advance!


Cold: Rh8ADkPQ6M6NP5xiEbz8jX2UyG5ZQLzFfs
Online: Ro5N8g7ToixsAjzbmQGofCX1H7MYa4zSk2

Is your online Wallet on a Exchange like Bittrex?
I had to follow the transaction history on your “cold” wallet three transactions back to find the origin of both addresses.

It looks like you bought 48950.980488 RDD at Nov 1, 2017 10:52:11 PM and yesterday the exchange plattform was sending your 948 RDD from the same address again.
The address is: RgyjxndVP748UQR6pcpgZtRLfP28jriMS7
I think they will remember that and the next time you buy RDD they are sending the new amount deducting 948 RDD to your “online” wallet.
So if you are buying 1000 RDD you are just getting 52 RDD on Ro5N8g7ToixsAjzbmQGofCX1H7MYa4zSk2 and everything will be fine.
This may be less troublesome for them to handle things like that.

I can’t be perfectly sure about this but for me it looks like thats the case.

Hi Ballor,

Thanks for your quick answer.

Yes, i’ve stored my Reddcoins online on the following website:

You are correct about my previous transactions.

So, if I understand you correctly, everything is fine and its “Safe” to move my entire balance to the cold storage?

I’m using litebit too :slight_smile:
But i do not use their wallet because of the withdrawal costs.
There are only 6.000 DigiByte waiting to lose more value :stuck_out_tongue:

Important is the balance shown on the litebit website.
You can withdraw it as you like.
But be aware of what you are doing with your cold wallet.