Reddcoin Wallet problems

I updated my Mac the other day and now when I open my wallet there is no numbers or letters, just blocks. I don’t know if it’s corrupted or what. I had been staking it almost every day so I use it all the time. Unfortunately I hadn’t backed it up in several months and wasn’t even thinking about that until this problem came up. I’m really worried because I have practically all my rdd on this wallet. So please help!! I am really worried.

Can you take a screenshot?

That’s a known problem. Wallet is working fine in background, only font is fu**ed up with latest update. Team is working on it.

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How does it look like? I couldn’t understand the topic. Please post a screen, so other users are aware of the issue.

That’s how it looks like with Catalina update:

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Looks like charset issue. Have you tried UTF-8?