Reddcoin will reach $100 in 2 years.

Thats $5,000,000 @ $o.oo2’ish per coin.

Even if it doesn’t it’s still a good investment because of PoS, gain more and more by having it in your wallet and whenever there is a good rise you’ll benefit from it on an exchange, then if/when it sinks again you can buy even more with the money you made from the rise.
The more the merrier.


I don’t understand where claims like this come from. Although most will be hopeful of this there is a lot of RDD in circulation (28 trillion coins). To move the coin to $.23 (at BTC current prices) will require 3.5 million USD in new money and it seems once this coin does get a little headway selling bots get involved and push this coin back to $.001 maybe the market is trying to find a bottom? I am not sure but the value is not determined yet and it keeps going lower to try to find it. RDD will need some serious marketing power and maybe even a hit to there pocket book to kick start there development to get anywhere near $100 in 2 years. If one looks at other coins with large amounts of coins in circulation you will see that $100 a coin is a bit of a long shot. There is 28 trillion coins in circulation just keep that in mind when making claims like this. I am optimistic for RDD to grow as I am invested for quite some time I think it may be a ways out for big moves. We are buying into an idea, it is up to the development team, marketing team, and community to bring this idea to fruition. without involvement from one or the other there will be no RDD to $1 yet alone $100. If we start to see serious involvement in the community I will defiantly keep pouring money into the RDD plan because i think this idea is great!


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In order to find out what the price moves in the stock and currency markets, you just need to open the Internet, enter in the search engine: “how to analyze the market” and Google will give you various training options from brokerage companies. But what about the crypto-currency market, because you can not hear much about it now, and there is not much information on what moves the prices of crypto-currency on the Internet. At its core, the Crypto currency market differs little from the stock market. Its main difference is the huge volatility in the market, which you most likely will not find on the stock market. For example, the cost bitkoyna in 2013 grew by 5,500%, and this year it is almost 2 times, and this is very high, as for the value of the crypto-currencies, other participants in this sphere also show exactly the same growth trends.

In all other respects, these markets are similar to each other. For the analysis of graphs, all the same technical and fundamental analyzes are used. Another thing is that you need to make a lot of efforts to find good news, as important news articles are post factum on news sites, and traders crypto currency become hostages of the situation when they first see traffic on the chart, and then read what event - this movement provoked. As for the technical analysis, there are also disputes, because the crypto currency market is rather an impulsive market, where it is difficult to observe similar situations, today the price can grow unjustifiably, and in a week, everything will unexpectedly collapse. Therefore, news strategies will be more effective in trading on the crypto exchange.

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