reddcoin will take advantage of the surprise effect


Re: Some thoughts on marketing reddcoin will take advantage of the surprise effect to get very high, it is true that there is a lot to do and that has not been fulfilled as promised in the past also that there is a lot of silence from the developers but reddcoin has success assured only a little bit of patience, the surprise effect will be stronger when it comes to pushing the coin to mass adoption. reddcoin is the only currency in cryptography that can be sent between contacts of social networks by downloading a browser extension, need a good advertising campaign about it, because the mass ignores it. the future of reddcoin is in its users. REDDCOIN is closer to mass adoption than any other currency… your help in advertising is very useful, you can start promoting where reddcoin is accepted, the exchanges where it is traded and how to download applications for use in social networks


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