ReddcoinTalk Forum software updated

I would just like to take a moment to let you know that I have just completed updating the ReddcoinTalk forum.
The forum is now running at v1.1.0

Unfortunately, due to various reasons we had allowed the version to slip a loooong way behind(v0.6.1)
This had caused a number of things to break over time

So over the last few weeks (even while my son was recuperating), I had been testing the upgrade process to bring the forum in line with the current release (v1.1.0).

There was a fair bit to work through, so if you find any anomalies, please let me know so i can work to fix them.

Thanks for the update. You are a rockstar Gnasher.

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One issue that was found was not being able to upload/modify your profile picture (thanks Serkan34 )

I have adjusted forum settings that should now allow uploads to work,

If you are still having issues with this let me know.

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Thanks for the update and fast support.

Ok, second issue is to do with URLs used in signatures.

The new code has placed escape chars, and replaced the elements in the URL.
You will need to fix the URL syntax