Reddconomy ~ Crypto economy for minecraft -- DEVELOPMENT PREVIEW



Reddconomy is a project that brings cryptocurrency to minecraft.

We have been working on this for a while now, and while still not ready to be used with real coins, we have now a fully functional preview running on rdd testnet, you can get the address from the #PublicServers list.

The system is modular by design and works by using a single shared wallet managed by the backend via RPC apis. For every player, we create an offchain virtual wallet that handles in-game transactions, without relying on the blockchain. The plugin provides a frontend that lets players deposit, withdraw and exchange coins.
More infos here:

Everything is opensource and released on github.



This needs more attention!


This is awesome :slight_smile: keep up the good work

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Thanks to Gnasher we managed to move one of the test servers on RDD testnet.

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

We also added a virtual _NULL_ wallet where all the minted coins will go.

And FAQ page:

Presumably the minted coins will be kept by the server owner? That to me makes more sense than them getting destroyed by using a locked wallet that nobody has the password too and it’s extra passive income for the owners :slight_smile:


Sure, they aren’t destroyed, the server owner can withdraw them with

/$ admin withdraw w:_NULL_ {ADDRESS}

It makes sense to me, because they are “unbound” coins that have no associated offchain wallet (so their offchain wallet is literally null :d ), but I can see that maybe the name is a bit counter intuitive, I’ll come up with something better.

Excellent, I thought that’s what you were getting at :slight_smile: It’s not too counter-intuitive - it’s just me being a bit derpy and not getting your code fully!


Hello… just letting you know, I’m here to help with any marketing, promo and visual design… hit me up if needed. Over a decade industry experience.

My work for Reddcoin and associates is 100% donated for a successful project… All donations are highly appreciated but not nessary :+1::thermometer::astonished::fire::rocket:

Exciting! Indeed, this deserves more attention. Kinda exciting.