Reddcore Wallet won't open

I have been staking on a raspberry pi for a few months now it had been going well. Then when I was away I had a power cut and can not open the Core Wallet. I can see a small icon on the top right of the screen that does not let me open or close it. When I attempt to open the wallet I get the following alert. “Cannot obtain a lock on data directory/home/pi.reddcoin. Reddcoin Core is probaly already running.” I tried looking for the lock file but, I can not find it and I am unsure where or what is is called. I hope I have not lost my coins.


Login to the server through remote ssh and check for stuck sessions.
If that doesn’t work - reboot.

I never set up ssh and have already rebooted several times. I can still see an icon for the wallet but it does not respond.

Are you able to setup ssh? I think you could be able to identify the issue thia way. Something like putty or linux alternative for it?