Reddex - Get the value of your Reddcoins !

I’m happy to announce Reddex

First of all, Reddex stands for Reddcoin index.
Reddex is pulling price information from various exchanges to calculate an average price for easy using on website, and for payments, instead of have to think about price going down/up on one exchange, Reddex takes care of that. You can on Reddex calculate how much your Reddcoin are worth in BTC, or you can calculate how much Reddcoin you’ll get for X BTC.

  • How is it calculated?

Reddex uses an median average algorithm. The median value is literally the middle number, this is useful in many instances, often used in real estate statistics for example, as it can help show what people are paying for a home, without the value being skewed by a few low-end or high-end prices.

Yes, which can be found here:
As for now there is no limit for how often you can request, but if I see that it gets overloaded, or an IP request to often, I might add some limiting.

Yes, it can be found on the front page. Data from every 5 minutes (Page needs to be reloaded atm)

  • Is it live?

Yes it is ! Price are automatically updated if they changes, plus you can see the price in the title of the browser too, which are also live ! Means you can leave Reddex open and always see if the prices changes, without need to reload.

  • Does it offer downloads of bootstrap.dat file?

Yes it does! head over to the download page, and download the newest bootstrap.dat file, over HTTP/S (More options might be added)

Supported Exchanges

  • Allcoin
  • Bittrex
  • Bleutrade
  • Comkort
  • Cryptsy
  • Poloniex
  • Shapeshift (To many problems with their API)


  • Fix auto scaling of input boxex
  • Make chart live (Page needs to be reloaded to get the new data into chart atm)
  • Add more currencies to calculate Reddcoin into (Eur, usd, ltc etc)
  • Add stake calculator (Need to research how that works, and how to calculate it)
  • Push service
  • Added bootstrap.dat download

If you have an idea that you think could make Reddex better, please do let me know!

its nice to have a web based value calculator, I always mean to make my RddCompanion web based but never got around to it :slight_smile:

Good Job

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BrownSlaughter Thank you sir :slight_smile:

The graph is really cool! Used API to add average to my widget! (:

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Convertor Great work!

reddibrek Thank you very much !

USD, LTC & DOGE average is added to API and navbar (top)
– Sadly there is no exchange supporting EUR yet.

Yet not added to chart or input boxes.

Going on Easter holiday tomorrow and will be offline 1 week, so only prepared the data to when I get home again.

Which average algorithm do you prefer?

i like the website very much. you did a nice job

Convertor Great site and thanks for the API!
I have a feature request, not sure if this is easy to accomplish with all those 3rd party api’s: A push service for the api to receive live updates if the average price changes.

johnbrainless said Thank you very much :slight_smile:

ReddcoinRocks yes, that should be possible, will add it to the todo

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This is fantastic! I usually have a spreadsheet with the average price in “Liteoshis”, “Dogeoshis”, “HTML5’shis”, and whatever pairing(s) i’m using ATM to grab my redds. Strange enough, all 3 pairings mentioned above seemed to be hovering around 0.142 when i left home (on mobile now so i can’t check nor tip either, will fix that later). Doge seems a bit cheap to me at 0.1301 but then again i use decimals (e.g. 7.25 satoshi if price is 8 buy with 20btc wall, and sell is 7 with 5btc support - you get the idea).

Anyway, i’ll sure use Reddex, thanks for the awesome site!

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Didi I’m glad you like the service :slight_smile: Do let me know if you have any suggestions :slight_smile:

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ReddcoinRocks Need some more information about your request. Do you mean a socket stream API, or what do you mean?

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Added Crypthal to btc and doge

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Convertor exactly. some kind of a push api where I can receive live price updates. websockets,, pusher, pubnub, SignalR … something like that

ReddcoinRocks Super, Will look into it today

Convertor cool, thanks :slight_smile:

Added download page, where a newly created bootstrap.dat file is located for download, so people always can download a bootstrap file which is close to the real block count.

The bootstrap.dat file will be updated once a day :slight_smile:

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Added BTSync to the download option.

If you have BTSync running, then it would be a great help to seed on the bootstrap.dat file, to make it faster for people to download the file.

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