– the first genuine multi-lingual cryptocurrency news website

This week the cryptocurrency news website hit a significant milestone, becoming the first cryptocurrency media outlet to propose unique content, with the aim of covering all cryptocurrencies, in two languages.

Thanks to the efforts of DeadPool, who assisted with translating some recent content into French, a French-language version of the website is now available.

It may seem surprising that we are the first multi-lingual cryptocurrency news website but I believe we can claim that accolade. I have looked for other websites doing the same thing and I have found examples of multi-lingual forums and news outlets that relate to specific projects but that remain siloed and are not dedicated to the entire space.

I have also found a cryptocurrency media outlet that offers industry-wide content in German, with a section dedicated to International News in English. But this section is simply a series of feeds from other sites – not unique content (and therefore invisible to Google’s spiders).

If anyone can point me to a multilingual website dedicated to the entire cryptocurrency industry, please let me know here.

Practically speaking, currently we are a modest site and the content relating to projects outside Reddcoin only covers Bitcoin… but the vision is clear, the scope is full-spectrum and the motivation behind the project is huge.

I have a strong background in publishing and a very keen interest in cryptocurrency. I rarely feel so passionately about the promise behind a project There is enormous potential to be realised in the upcoming year or two. Some of the things to look forward to:

  • Greatly increased rhythm of content publication

  • Dev team page giving backgrounds, skills and responsibilities

  • Reddheads team page giving author biographies

  • Growth of linked social media accounts

  • Unobtrusive revolving publicity for selected major media outlets

  • Interviews

  • A new video section

  • Representation at industry events

  • Contributions from guest writers

  • Further translations

… and more

On the last points, I am making inroads into other communities / with other media outlets looking for writers interested in widening their exposure or supporting their projects by submitting content.

Anyone interested in carrying out translation work into a language other than French is welcome to PM me.

Behind the scenes there is so much that can be done to improve the website’s ranking in Google and general visibility. Over the next few months I will run through a list of over 100 techniques to improve SEO and at some point engage with a consultant on the matter to double check my work and further optimise where necessary.

Some of the most exciting (and completely practical) ideas I have for the site are too big to write about now :wink:

Would you like to know anything else about the project? Ask away.

This is HUGE NEWS! If anyone still thinks that Reddcoin is a struggling / dying / dead project please feel free to check out the thousands of “projects” that have being launched / are being launched and maybe you’ll notice that the vast majority of them can’t even come close to what RDD is doing in pretty much all regards - and it’s only getting better.

Thanks a bunch for the awesome QUALITY content you’re delivering, that’s top notch publishing right there! And i’m positive that this will not go unnoticed… i certainly have enjoyed the excellent content and extreme attention to detail so far.

PS: As a Spaniard born in Barcelona i speak both native Spanish and Catalan but i’m terrible with words. Still, if someone volunteers for translation of either of those i’ll gladly “proofread” it. Catalan will be trickier most certainly so maybe in a future i could give it a try; it is my most beloved language but i can’t (and won’t) promise anything.


like in Russian because I see great prospects in Russia Reddcoin a lot of people would like to use this volute


Awesome work reddibrek,

It is good to see the fruits of your labour finally being realised. I know how much effort you have been putting in behind the scenes to pull this fantastic news site together. It is so encouraging to see the momentum building within our community.


in connection with the global inflation people are willing to invest in projects like to see more projects from Reddcoin

Thanks Didi, Gnasher and werdff

I’m having great fun doing this and given what we all know is happening in terms of mainstream interest and media exposure over the next few years, indicated simplistically but clearly by tools such as Google trends when searching “cryptocurrency”:


… now is the time to design and implement a strategy to align with increased search engine activity.

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werdff Could I ask, can you translate from English to Russian?

but only via google

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I’m blogging in classmates network in Russian

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werdff thank you.

It would be great to offer Russian translations but we would need a human being :smiley:

Google may be able to win matches of Go against the top human player, but its translate service is haphazard !

If you know of anyone in the Russian Reddcoin community who would be interested please introduce us.

werdff In fact, are you sure you couldn’t give it a go yourself? I understand you translate from Russian to English via Google translate but perhaps you could give it the human touch when going in the other direction?

werdff Hey, congratulations on your blog by the way.

I just saw you have nearly 100 Russian members - that’s a great achievement!

I understand if you don’t have time for Reddheads of course.

But we are ready for Russian as soon as someone can step up to the task. Please keep us in mind if you know if anyone.

werdff I have visited that site a few times in interest.
is that a public blog?

Is it open to sign up there??

which direction

werdff I mean, if you are translating into Russian, surely you write the text yourself… or at least correct the clumsy Google-translated text.

Is that right?

Thanks I will strive to find and sell Reddcoin in Russia

reddibrek google trends is very interesting to watch.
Reddcoin certainly needs to be riding this new wave

Even as a new user and new community member, it is always fun to be able to give an hand and surf on a momentum.
So from my few weeks of activity, I can only encourage anybody to make this wave growth.

Also Reddibreak, did-you X-post on reddit ?
I know you could post it on a multiple sites, but here and reddit seems to be the most logical and pivotal platforms to do so.

Cheers !

Edit : and you did ! Oh man my sunday is so slow…

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