Reddheads interview with m3ndi3

Hey there,

For those who don’t get the newsletter, on Reddheads you can now read the interview published on Wednesday, with m3ndi3 regarding her work on Reddcoin - the Game.


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Great interview many thanks to both. :slight_smile:

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reddibrek Thanks for the interview! Just honored to be part of the community :slight_smile:



I actually started making websites when I was kid back in the 90s. My first website was on Angelfire with a bunch of kitty gifs haha. I was just so amazed to be able to create something on the web!

haha that is exactly how I started, except of the kitty gifs… I had rotating skulls or something like that on my first page :smiley:

m3ndi3 I didn’t had the time to check out the game yet but will catch up next month. I really like the idea and the message of the game.

reddibrek another great interview, thanks for that.