Reddheads newsletter 1 December 2015

On 1 December the monthly Reddheads newsletter was published.

I was grateful to have input from Gnasher for the article. Readers can find out what he has been up to!

Here it is


I will be further expanding on the newsletter items in the coming days
Expect to see some postings here on the forum


Its great to have some feed back from the Dev’s and nicer still to have a newletter…thanks

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I am but a messenger… and in this issue I wasn’t even really that!

can’t wait for the 2016 January newsletter …
probably it will include a 2015 summary?
if not: can this be done elsewhere?merci


I will be further expanding on the newsletter items in the coming days
were these done? if so, could we link to those? thx

erkan I was thinking of a summary of 2015 (like I did for 2014) but the main events of 2015 - the reorganisation of the Reddcoin team - were addressed in a previous newsletter:

I have to admit, I have just returned from a family holiday and checking in with the devs I can see that gnasher in particular has been very busy, but I am cautious about trying to resume all that in the newsletter which I am writing today (as there is a fait bit and also I would need to discuss with him first to make sure I don’t make mistakes in my writing). I also don’t want to ask gnasher to write it up himself (like he did for the last newsletter) as it wouldn’t be fair at all for him to be doing everything! :slight_smile:

So I am on the case - alongside preparing for the New Year at the day job and getting back into other things following being away. But it won’t be a detailed review of the previous year.

As the first days and weeks of 2016 go by the current state of development will become clear.

Thanks for the link, will read on there.

And will be waiting for other updates. Take your time.
See you around :slight_smile:

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