Reddheads newsletter special issue

I’m really excited to let readers know that this week there is a special issue of the Reddheads newsletter - special because after 18 issues, for the first time ever we have a guest-editor… Reddcoin dev bigreddmachine !

Along with all our subscribers I’m really looking forward to reading it. Just to let you know it will be published this Friday, a couple of days after the regular slot.

reddibrek Very cool. Will this issue double as our bi-weekly update, do you know?

GrayPhoenix said:

reddibrek Very cool. Will this issue double as our bi-weekly update, do you know?

Depends on what you mean. I’m going to focus on Redd-ID a little more in depth than has been discussed in the past, but won’t go into specifics about how work on other things is progressing. I’ll probably make a post re: that over the weekend.


Just an update -

I think the newsletter will come out on Monday instead of tomorrow. laudney and I are planning to sit down on Saturday to talk over a few things that we would like to include in the newsletter. We had tried to make earlier in the week work, but our schedules haven’t been lining up well (not surprising considering its the middle of the week and we are 7 time zones apart).

Sorry for the delay, but hopefully you end up thinking it was worth the wait!


It’s good to see that people are still working on the project because this things take time to develop. Never give up. Maybe a little slow but still alive and making progress.

Go ReddHeads :smiley:

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bigreddmachine sounds good. take your time.
by the way, it would be great to have some words from laudney and Reddcoin in the forum after about a month of silence. I know there is a lot of work to do and you all seem very busy, but from a community perspective it’s great to have a sign of life from time to time :slight_smile:


awesome news

Keep up the good work with the news letters, guys. Good job.

link to newsletter CLICK