Reddheads newsletter this week - interview with Reddcoin

Hi everyone. Just to let you know, this week’s newsletter continues the dev series with an interview with Reddcoin!

Jonathan kindly agreed to answer some questions. I look forward to putting everything to page and sending it out to the mailing list.

For those not subscribed, go to the Reddheads website and sign up:

reddibrek This sounds interesting. We haven’t heard all that much from Jonathan in the past.

If it’s not too late, could you consider asking him his thoughts on sharing official announcements on the Reddcoin subreddit? I think we should be trying to reach as many people as possible, and there will always be Reddheads and new users that stick to their preferred social network.


Thanks, reddibrek, you’re doing an incredible service to the community.


For those not subscribed to the newsletter or who did not read it, the interview with reddcoin is now up on!

Cool to hear from the creator himself. It would be great to see him around here some more.