Reddheads! Read some ground rules before making your post.

Dear Reddheads,

We are starting this subforum in order to discuss ideas that ANY member may find viable to promote the Reddcoin Brand. This discussion had to become a reality since we are finally releasing the first unique tool - the Browser wallet.

I want to call every active member from Reddcoin community to share, blast and spread the innovations that our Project Reddcoin has been creating for the end user.

CryptoCurrencies are great innovations but we continue stating too many technicalities to end users. Reddcoin is the first Currency that aims to feel this gap:

  • We are simpler for the user - based on K.I.S.

I want to start by stating that we should make a list of ideas (old and new) with actions we can make to spread some awareness about Reddcoin Brand.

When making a post for your idea try following these guidelines:

  • With special focus to content creators. They will be our first audience.

  • Dificulty: How to implement your idea.

  • Tecnicality: tools skils needed.

  • Cost and time: members needed

Let’s make some wild storms here Folks!

PS: Spread the word to your fellow Reddheads.

Artur Sounds good, let’s get Reddcoin rock’n across the internet.


I have posted on a word press website with a small but vocal community, Site ADMIN ‘‘METHOD’’ is currently using CLOVER to solicit donations I have posted a link to the Wordpress Plug In and if I get his Ok I will write a quick post to introduce Reddcoin to his small forum. They tweet 6k tweets per night…if I can write a good article it will generate some interest (hopefully)


For what I understand this is a content creator community… right?

I would make some awareness about extra income, people generally speaking want to have an easy way to earn some extra bucks…

Thanks and for what I see this very interesting community :slight_smile:


Artur We are a very small community but fairly active on the nights the show is on FADE TO BLACK with the host Jimmy Church…if you don’t have an open mind and an imagination…you’re gonna have a bad time…lol Paranormal, Ancient Egypt Esoterica of all kinds…UAP/OVNI the gamut of non mainstream topics…if you want people capable of being visionary…this is a small but different group of people.
We need all kinds…some like you…some like me and some like all the rest…

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Sorry if I was unpleasant!

I always like to hear some theories and those theories are good for the soul and imagination. I had started to read lately some cyberpunk fictions. I love this kind of stories. mixed with extreme societies and science theories all together.

That is more of my scene! It has to have some point of credibility, some undeniable facts.

About UFO’s and OVNI’s I think that we have already proven that they exist with some elaborate tinny creatures that some universities around the world have been studiing…

I also have to say this… We have more some bugs that are radiation resistant and can live in conditions no other species “created” on earth can live So this tardigrades.

Have some controversy.

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