Reddheads reminder again to stay active

A lot of views on here, not a lot a commenting. Reminder that it takes 2 seconds to acknowledge someone’s post or share a thought. Once again it matters and makes a big difference. When people come on here they will say either say “Wow what a community, they post, interact and surely will be active in tipping”
Don’t want them saying “These guys/gals don’t even comment, they’ll never tip” People want a live community. Let’s make this into board that is fun to be in.
Even if people want to argue, that’s cool better than no interaction. Just don’t take anything personally :slight_smile:

26 views, not one comment. Disagree, Bash my post, make fun of me for all I care but please respond with something when you read a post on this board, even if it is something very simple. I’m not sure why people are so resistant to that :frowning:

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Hi, I get your point and agree, but: It should not just be “post something”, but rather “discuss about stuff”. I did not respond in the first place because I had nothing of value to add.

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huebby I agree here. If there is nothing of value to add to a discussion that’s one thing. If it’s a good post that has valid points (or invalid points) and isn’t just a comment in itself, then yes, it something I would comment on. Most of my comments (besides the ones against prorddtrader) are trying to help people with tech issues.
This post was not a tech issue and (for me) didn’t have substance enough to warrant a reply.

bmp02050 and huebby I appreciate both of your perspectives on this. There are many times where I have nothing to add either. However, I think just a simple acknowledgement of a post, somebody’s efforts, your opinions are all valuable to showing how active this community is. Something like “interesting thought”, “nice idea” “crappy idea because…”, i playful sarcasm, meme’s. It shows that people are alive on here. I think people underestimate the value that this creates within the community. It keeps the excitement alive especially in times where there is not that much news and helps not only to attract but sustain new users. It keeps people coming back if the discussions are active and that is what will keep people connected to the community long term. or else what is so special about being a part of this if we don’t have that?


I also think that people don’t reply because they see others not replying much, and therefore don’t post much because they think “what’s the point, no one will reply anyay” The more replies lead to more posts, to more interactions, to more tips etc… All it takes sometimes is one silly reply or post to turn into a long funny string. Proactivity not reactivity


Love the coin are there any decent devs that are very outgoing I have some ideas for risk takers but this one is gold.


shadowradio share your golden ideas with your brothers and sisters please

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There are open source scripts that are for helping people without a lot of money setup a website and even some ecommerce. I would like to see a reddcoin or redd id plugin available at no cost for these scripts. Scripts like wordpress or the social networking platform oxwall. One idea we could utilize now is an oxwall site that allows embedding video from any service and allowing them to accept tips. It could be dedicated to reddcoin content creators or more open to anyone but the end goal is people can trade out their credits earned into coin.and once redd id were availabel we could take said system further.


shadowradio Awesome idea, we will have to see what comes down the pipe and take advantage of reddcoins open board.

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New member, try to be very active. Will spread word in SA for sure.


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As a new member, I’m confused about how I’ll earn coins through the wallet aside from outright buying them. By staying connected to the blockchain, I’ll earn some coins that way, correct? At the moment up to a whopping 4 coins from cryptoearn, but I’m obviously hoping to build on that. I hope the community works as a team to bring us all up. I’ve already been discussing this platform with many coworkers.


firefistace Yes that correct… your coins receive interest on the amount staked… The older the coin has lived in your Redcoin wallet the more interest you’ll receive from it.

Also when you tip it seems to speed up payment time and you’ll receive more in your payment… Try it out

Imagine the Reddcoin tipping system throughout the porn industry??


Im trying my best to be active here and help the community :slight_smile: lets wish for the best :smiley: