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Come and shop at the Reddcoin-only e-com store

We stock three core products - coffee, chilli and chocolate - at great prices! And you can easily send your order to a friend or family member with free gift wrap!

We look forward to serving you.


FAQ from the site

What is “Reddibrek’s”?

Reddibrek’s is an e-commerce store selling coffee, chilli and chocolate.

We are dedicated to providing traditional high-quality customer service while being at the cutting edge of online commerce. To enhance your experience our website is completely free of advertising links.

Why do you only sell coffee, chilli and chocolate?

Coffee, chilli and chocolate are delicacies appreciated by human beings all over the world, including us! By focusing our efforts, Reddibrek’s aims to develop a catalogue of top-quality products and to propose the best possible service for our customers. In many cases we are already offering the most competitive prices on the Internet; search what we have in stock on Google to see for yourself.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Reddibrek’s launched in November 2014, and at the time of launch we deliver to 8 European countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Italy. We are analysing the best way to ship to countries all over the world. This page, the shipping page and the checkout pages on this site will be updated with new details as and when shipping services evolve.

Do you offer gift-wrap services?

Yes we do – and it’s free! Being so widely-appreciated, the products we sell make perfect gifts. At Reddibrek’s we help you to personalise your gifts by offering free gift-wrap and a free tag-message on the gift. To ship directly to the recipient enter their address in the shipping details when checking out. It couldn’t be simpler!

Do users of Reddibrek’s have an account?

At the time of launch Reddibrek’s operates on a streamlined model, whereby you do not set up a username, register a password, store personal data in an account, etc. We want you to shop at Reddibrek’s as freely as if you were in a physical store. If you decide to make a purchase, all your important information including order number, products, shipping address and contact details is displayed at checkout and you receive all order information by e-mail during processing and a tracking number at order completion.

What is Reddcoin?

Reddcoin is a digital currency. It is open-source and decentralised. It is like a hi-tech version of Bitcoin. Learn more on the Reddcoin page or visit

Why do you accept Reddcoin?

Reddcoin makes receiving payments very quick and secure. There are no charges for sending Reddcoin between two parties.

Using Reddcoin is extremely convenient for customers. With Reddcoin you make a one-off payment and that’s all. There are no credit card details – card numbers, security codes, passwords, expiry dates – to hand over, and therefore no risk that corresponding financial and personal information will be stolen or leaked by hackers.

Reddcoin was conceived and created by a team of top-level programmers and professionals. This team continues to work on developing core infrastructure to establish and secure Reddcoin’s place as the leading digital currency.

Can I pay using anything else apart from Reddcoin?

We only accept Reddcoin!

What do you do with the Reddcoin you receive?

Reddibrek’s has been built around the emerging digital currency paradigm. We aim to run the entire business using Reddcoin, including paying salaries in Reddcoin and paying for IT development and marketing in Reddcoin. We also aim to negotiate payment for all stock in Reddcoin.

All surplus funds are “staked”. To learn about staking you can read more at the Reddcoin Wiki Proof of Stake page.

Where can I get Reddcoin?

A Reddcoin wallet is required before you can acquire Reddcoin. See the official Reddcoin wallet page.

To purchase Reddcoin using Paypal you may visit

To purchase Reddcoin using Bitcoin you may visit the digital currency exchange Cryptsy.

Can’t wait for shipping to Australia, I hope it can be made possible! :smiley:

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I DO like a bit of the old hot sauce!


finitered said:

I DO like a bit of the old hot sauce!

Sign up to my newsletter on the site and I’ll send you a big discount voucher code! :smiley:


reddibrek said:

finitered said:

I DO like a bit of the old hot sauce!

Sign up to my newsletter on the site and I’ll send you a big discount voucher code! :smiley:

Can’t argue with that, DONE :slight_smile: