ReddID + stealth address implementation would open up so many more options for Reddcoins privacy end game.

The problem with stealth addresses are that they are HELLA long. This would be an excellent utility in the Social X enviroment. Registering Redd-ID’s to these obnoxious address makes them feasible to use. Discuss.


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FaithInReddcoin I think since reddID will not be obligatory that these kind of feature would not make much sense… Reddcoin is going for the open way ofcourse mantaining the pseudo-anonymous way like bitcoin. Merchant adoption is not a problem since the platforms change the receiving payment adresses for you.

After all is still a private change and you want some kind of proof… Services that could be using this parallel economy but they still like to have some prof.

People will have a lot to talk about this…

Shameless bump : D Anyone else have thoughts?

This thread is too quite.
Maybe everyone is pondering how will ReddID work and what it means for socialX and i guess tipping in general as it become more widely adapted

my 2cents.

Not everyone will adopt ReddID
It is a very cool idea, and there seems to be a lot of potential associated with it
but consider the users who dont have a large cache of Reddcoins
Having or maintaining an ID might be prohibitively expensive according to how much coin they hold

But in a broad sense, we do need to have a sense of privacy (stealth)
Consider this

  • 100 people decided to tip me because i wrote few different articles or provided some service that was well received
  • the value of those different tips range from 1 to 100000 rdd
  • the balance of my TipJar will be between 100 to 10,000,000 rdd

Do i want people to know i have been tipped generously?? most likely
Do i want people to know the balance of my receiving address?? Not particularly