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Hi there,

I already posted on Reddit, that I am currently preparig a Reddit Secret Santa Present for a guy who said he likes geeky stuff. I figured this would be a good moment to learn more about mining on a Raspberry. My plan was as follows:

  1. Setting up a Reddwallet in Raspbian
  2. Connecting speakers
  3. Running a script that will play a wave file once a stake comes in
  4. Setting up a VNC server so the device can be connected to an Android device
  5. Putting everything in a neat looking case

I will eventually present you the result, still have to implement the script (I am totally new to all of this, so I am hacking in a literal sense). However, I thought this might be a cool project to promote e.g. on Kickstarter - however in a more professional way that I was able to work out.

This is a preview for the card that will be added (don´t send any Reddcoin as it is not the receivers address): Description

artiscience I like your artwork. We are still looking for people to contribute wallpaper designs. If you have some time to create graphics please join this discussion:

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Have you seen this one for the ReddPi?




Great project! How did you configure the RaspPi to automatically run the Reddcoin wallet on startup?

I tried to do it this way.

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